Thursday, June 20, 2013

That Was Incredible!!

We had quite a run yesterday!  We met two big matching donation challenges from our awesome anonymous donor, and when the day was over, we raised over $12,000 for the senior cats.   AND we rolled past the twenty squillion mark, which is quite incredible for just three days of fundraising.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen - these accomplishments are huge and I am quite proud of this community of ours!

I mentioned this in a post yesterday, but it's worth checking out so I 'll say it again - be sure to visit the fundraising page and read all those sweet comments and tributes left by the donors.  It's clear by our total yesterday and the comments left, that the senior kitties hold a huge place in all of our hearts.

After a busy day of fundraising, we stepped out on the deck with the girls and enjoyed a little bit of the evening.  

They love it on the deck - they feel safe and hidden, but it's nice and high so they can see so much and so far from up there.   There weren't too many birds to observe, but Craig was watering the yard and picking berries, which seemed to entertain them.

I love watching them on the deck. They are happy out there, and I love it when our girls are happy, especially when they are being happy together.   It's so dang sweet. 






The day following a huge run like we had yesterday is always a very quiet one.  We are doing great, but to reach that hefty goal of ours, we have to keep our momentum going!

Every dollar helps improve life for our shelter cats.  Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today!  It's easy! Just pop on over to our FUNdraising page.


  1. There is no shortage of floof in your home. Wonderful :)

  2. So happy about this! Yay for 20 Squillion, and yay for Charlene and Wylla so *obviously* being family, and yay for a quiet evening on your deck. I adore this community: THANK YOU for bringing it together!

  3. Oh my gosh I'm absolutely thrilled for my beloved senior kitties who will benefit from all of those squillions!!! EEeeeeee!!!

    The pictures of Bean and Wylla on the deck in all of their floofy glory brings happiness to my heart.

    Thank you Laurie for everything you do! <3

  4. WOW! and yay for Wyalla & the Bean, clearly they were meant to be sisters. <3

  5. love that Wylla - she always looks so surprised :) GREAT job yesterday ladies - those senior kitties will sure appreciate all the help!!

  6. Oh my look at that ear floof. Wylla is going to be one seriously floofy girl!

  7. When you call them "our girls", that makes ME happy!

    Patti in KY

  8. Congrats to all for such a great day of fundraising, the senior kitties deserve so much, and after all they were itty bitties once themselves!
    Both Butterbean and Wylla are so awesome! Wylla is going to have a really floofy tail, isn't she. I love their expressive faces.

  9. I am totally thrilled at the fantastic fundraising for the sweet seniors! Senior kitties are so wonderful, and deserve to be loved just as much as kittens and younger cats. They have so much love to give!

    And clearly Wylla and the Bean were meant by the universe to be together. The love between them is so clear already, and I know that they're going to bring all of you -- and us! -- many happy years ahead.

  10. What a great day for the fundraising. The girls look mighty cute. I notice that Wylla is standing up on her back legs frequently in your pictures. Must be all the "two legged" feedings. She seems very comfortable standing up :-)

  11. Those pictures of Charlene are wonderful - she looks so very wise and regal. And Wylla is wide-eyed and inquisitive. When she pushes her little face forward and stares at something intently, like in the last photo, you can really see Audrey in her.

  12. Wowww! Love that! Congratulations!

  13. In that fourth picture, Charlene is keeping a careful watch on her baby sister. They obviously love each other very much!

  14. I agree with IE&L above, Wylla and Bean were destined to be sisters. They are just precious together!! @ Laurie, I am curious, has Charlene's behavior changed in any way by having one kitty that stays for good (yay!) vs. having litters of babies that come and go? LOL, maybe cats just don't think that way, but mine pay attention to EVERYTHING so I have been wondering about that....

    1. She certainly does seem to enjoy having a kitten to call her own. The only change I've noticed is that she does seem much more tolerant of my love. I've been guilty of giving her more attention that she wants. Now that my love is divided between two cats, she seems to be able to handle all that I give.

  15. such a pair of sweetie pies! so glad they are yours!


  16. Lovely pictures!!

    And what an exciting fund-raising day... I'm so happy to see the big numbers for the dear oldsters :)

  17. Well, you realize that you're almost to the mark you raised the first year, and only after a couple of days. Hopefully you'll reach your multi-squillion goal before the end. Good luck!

  18. Have been traveling a lot and am a bit short on funds, but hope to have a check coming in soon, so that I, too, can donate to this worthy cause.

    Gorgeous pics, as usual. Wylla is so intent in #3 and #4. She also looks bigger generally, but maybe that's just me.

  19. I love Beans white chin. And Wylla still is the cutest cat ever!



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