Friday, June 21, 2013

LIVE from the IBKC FUNdraising Headquarters: Sibling Rivalry

Charlene:  I don't get it, Wylla.  I've been answering phones for five FUNdraising seasons now.  FIVE seasons!


Charlene: I've taught you everything I know, and in your first week on the set,  you raised squillions and squillions more than I did.   How can this be?


Wylla:  Yes, you may have taught me everything YOU know, but you didn't teach me everything that I know.  


Charlene:  Ouch.  I think I hear the phone ringing.  

Oh, dear!  Bean's fragile ego can use a little boost, and the homeless cats and kittens can use your help.

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  1. I absolutely ADORE the way you word these. I love the way you make it seem like we *could* call and talk to Wylla and Charlene, but due to some unforeseen circumstance they're unavailable - and SHUCKS you'll just have to use the website in the mean time.
    I think that's my favorite part of the FUNdraiser - the tease that we may get to "talk" to a kitten!

  2. Oh, Wylla, be careful not to ruffle Butterbean's floof!

  3. Poor Bean! Don't take it personally, Charlene. The babies are always the little grabbers of attention. It is the same with us humans.

    (You might remind Wylla that you have a whole room named after you at the HS, ahem.)

    1. And that it is YOUR picture on billboards and vans. Just saying.

    2. Wylla *does* appear on a billboard, but Charlene is on the vehicles....and so lovely, too!

  4. In Charlene's defense, she's never really been on the phones. It's always been the kittens... Maybe the fact that it's the Butterbean herself that is drawing the squillions...

  5. Wylla's health has shown us first hand what possible problems kittens looking for furrever homes can face, Bean- don't take it personally! We've just been especially inspired this year because not every kitten is as lucky to get a home with you and Laurie as Wylla was!

  6. Such a lovely pair with a gentle 'rivalry' in play.

  7. This post made me giggle. They're SO cute together. :)

  8. Share the knowledge, girls!

    Tina & The Kittyboyz

  9. You come up with the cutest kitty conversations to go with your photos! Poor Bean, feeling a bit put out that your new baby sister is doing better at FUNdraising than you are? That's okay, since you've taught all the previous years' phone-answerers to do their job so well! :)



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