Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hang On, Rutherford! We're Getting There!!

It's been a busy morning.  It's only 7:30, but I've already scaled  the drapes, burrowed in a bin of socks,  ran laps in the living room, and pounced on Cedric's head (twice).

I'm winding down, I'm relaxing, and I'm thinking about my morning nap.  


Pardon me for me a moment. YEawwwwwnn.


So, I just looked at our total, and noticed how we're creeping up on FIFTY Squillion. Just $1325 and we're there!!  



Oh, excuse me again, I'm getting very tired.  YeeeeeAAAWWwnnnnn.




I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open.


Before I nod off, more than anything, I'm hoping I'll see us hit the $50 Squillion mark.

But I can't hold on much longer.


Because when we kittens get tired,  we fade fast. 


If you we're thinking about making a donation, maybe you could do it now?  If I saw $50 Squillion, my dreams sure would be sweet ones.   


Hurry please.

Hang on, Rutherford!  We're getting close!!

To make a tax-deuctible donation and help make his dreams sweet,  please visit our Firstgiving fundraising page.


  1. Makes me want to crawl back under the covers with Marbles

  2. Awwww he is my fav of this litter along with Cedric and I wish they were mine!

  3. OMGosh I am over the moon from the cuteness of these photos... darling sweet kitty...!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! Floofy kitty belly up!

  5. I'm curious when the ebay funds and the matching funds are included in the total. Are they added as we go along or are they added at the end?

    1. I was actually just thinking that! I think the matching gifts are, but with the eBay dollars and poster money, we should be over fifty squillion! I suppose it will be the icing on the proverbial cake! Are your walk teammates also fundraising, Laurie?

    2. Just like we do each year, the matching donations go into the pot as they are matched. Everything else is added in at the end. Sarah and Shana are also raising money for the IBKC team.

  6. Just want to snuggle with this baby cat, he is so adorable. His morning was so busy. Sweet dreams, Rutherford, you sweetie pie. I hope you make 50 squillion ASAP!

  7. What a gorgeous quilt! The purrfect background for Ruddy.

  8. You know, Laurie, these little pictorials are just NOT FAIR. It's just plain impossible to resist a precious kitten being insanely cute while encouraging us to donate! I realize that's your nefarious** plan, but it's still not fair! :) :)

    **Just kidding, obviously!



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