Thursday, July 5, 2012

An Important Message from Rutherford "Ruddy" Gibson

Excuuuuuuuse me?     May I please have you attention for just one moment?


  My name is Rutherford "Ruddy" Gibson, and I have  something important to share with you today.


It's the 5th of July, which is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters around the country. You see, on the 4th,  so many animals get scared from the noise and chaos of the holiday and end up running off, and get separated from their families.    On the 5th, these lost pets are turned into the shelter by the folks that find them. 

Frankly, it breaks my heart to think of the stress these pets and their families are experiencing.


I'm so grateful for the shelter employees who work so hard to help reunite pets with their owners.

So today, maybe you could make a donation in honor of these hard working folks who help bring these families back together.  

Thank you.   I'll be here waiting for your call.    


If you have troubles getting through, please try making your tax-deductible donation online.

Thank you SO much.


  1. Here-here, Ruddy! But then, how could anyone not pay attention to you? You are ridiculously adorable.

  2. What a great spokes-kitten you are, Ruddy!
    That is an incredibly important message to share and you did it quite nicely!

  3. Thanks for the important information, Ruddy (and Laurie)! I have never thought about the misplaced animals on July 5th! My cats did okay this year since they've been desensitized by construction across the street and my sister's cat was super happy watching the show from the 8th floor window of her apartment. I can imagine, however, that many animals are used to a much quieter life and the chaos of our human celebrations are frightening!

  4. What a good big boy you were delivering that important message, Rutherford! (I think it was more of a Rutherford message than a Ruddy, but that's just me. :) Thank you for making us aware of something I know that had never occurred to me, either. And many thanks to the animal shelter people everywhere working so hard to reunite scared pets with their families!

  5. Thank you Ruddy for telling us about all the hard work Shelter Folks have on the 5th. I was busy keeping Rye & Sprite calm in the basement during the fireworks.



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