Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Message from the Marmies

Our marmies have something to say, and our friend Cynthia helped organize their thoughts into a wonderful little poem.





We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog entries for this Public Service Announcement.

There’s a powerful army of three little marmies˟
They’re worried and on edge with anxiety.
They have a message to heed on a critical need
For a great cause -- the Humane Society.

Not every kitten has an owner who’s smitten
Some cats don’t have owners at all.
Cats need care, they need petting – let’s not leave out the “vetting”
That’s why marmies are answering the call.

They’re posting appeals that send you head-over-heels
Between baths from Charlene and cavorting.
They’re asking for cash -- not much -- just a dash
For needy felines who need some supporting.

They’re waiting at home and they’re manning the phones
Three orange tigers on a mighty team.
The work that they do inspires me and you
To make loving homes for all more than a dream.

If you care about cats (and they’re certain of that)
Then you’ll join these fine lads in their quest.
Seniors?  Fosters?  Name your fave – they’ll be grateful that you gave
And many dear creatures will be blessed.

Charles, Sherman, Ruddy:  pick a guy, he’ll be your buddy
They’re a picture of fine fettle and fitness.
Thanks to the H.S., and its donors’ largess
These three marmies are here to bear witness.

˟ “marmalade” or “marmy” is a descriptive term of endearment for a red or orange tabby.

Thank you, Cynthia, for another awesome poetry piece!   You're making my job easier, and I appreciate that so much! 


If our little marmy army have inspired you to give, please visit our fundraising page.   



  1. That's so funny that your marmalades are into poetry 'cause I have two marmalade brothers and one of them, Seville, is quite the poet himself. I've featured his poetry on my blog twice now. I wonder if poetry is a marmalade thing? Could be... purrs

  2. IBKC has a poet laureate! Well done, Cynthia.

  3. Thank you, Cynthia, for that wonderful poem.

  4. Purrfetto!!!
    This marmy trio is extraordinarily sweet...and ready to answer the phones!

  5. Cynthia, I am simply awed by your poetic genius. Thank you for lending it to these marmalade kitties and to the IKBC. Have you ever thought of publishing a book of kitty poems? Maybe you and Laurie could team up -- photos and poems together!

  6. Cynthia, you rock!! I'm certain the marmies deeply appreciate the way you put their heartfelt wishes into words. I know I do.



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