Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Little Incentive

With just ten days left till the end of our fundraiser , I hoped things might be jumping around here.  Turns out, it's a tad quiet, so I'm about to sweeten the pot.

As it stands, we're  $1,150 away from $50 Squillion.   If we hit $50 Squillion by Midnight Pacific Time tonight, I'm going to give away the rights to name another  kitten from our upcoming litter to one of our FUNdraiser donors.    There's already one up for grabs, so this will make two.   We'll announce the winners after the fundraiser is over.

Hopefully this little incentive will help pick things up!  We've brought in a squillion in less than an hour before, so I'm sure we can do it in ten!

I also wanted to let you know there are still some spaces left in our Crafting for Kittens event at Proctor Frozen Yogurt.  Visit this POST to find out more, and if you would like to sign up, please send me an Email .

And to our local folks, don't forget, our friends at Proctor Frozen Yogurt are donating a percentage of their sales to the Humane Society as part of their "Local Love" program.  Treat your self to some delicious frozen yogurt, and help the kitties at the same time.  They're up on Proctor Street, right across from the fire station.


Our little kittens are all tuckered out.  They just had a visit from Opal the Human (not Opal the Kitten)  and her little brother.  A few rounds of feather wand wore them down!

We'll have more on their visit tomorrow morning!

Alright, then let's see if we can hit that $50 squillion mark today!
To make your donation, and make us love even more than we already do, please visit our FUNdraising page.

Thanks!  xoxo


  1. I admit I'm kinda holding out....will you be doing another senior cat day? I missed the first, if not I'll donate today....

  2. I wish it was payday...kinda put my donation dollars into the poster last week, and next payday isn't till Friday :D

    I was wondering..are the poster sales included in your current numbers?

    1. No, those will be added in the end. Firstgiving total is just donations and matching donations.

  3. will there be mugs or tee shirts made with the image from the IBKC poster?

    1. No plans for more products right now. My plate's full.

  4. Great job you guys! We know there's only 10 days left, but we just did a blog post about the amazing work you're doing:


  5. That worked.. only $600 away from 50squillion!!

  6. im waiting for pay day too but not till the 20th - sorry Laurie :(

  7. Ok donation the work you do!





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