Monday, July 16, 2012

A Franklin and Daphne Update!

Leslie, Franklin and Daphne Winkler's mom, was kind enough to send me a little update on her not-so-little ones.

I was going to hold off posting this until we met our big match. But I need to step out,  we're getting close.  I  have a feeling we'll meet it while I'm gone, so I'm just going to share it now.

Here's what she had to say..

They are so rambunctious and run around the house about 3 times a day-seems to be their routine. They like to lay on flat, hard surfaces-happy to sleep on the heat grates, on the marble in front of the fireplace and on the tile in the bathroom.

Madison (formerly Daphne)  purrs instantly-did she do this as a wee kitten? You say her name or pet her head and off she goes. She loves to play with your face and fingers. She body slams herself up into your lap and onto your legs.

 Franklin is a little more low key-loves being in front of a screen door and still obsesses over his toys. It changes day to day which toy his his alone and he plays "keep away" with Madison.

They both have a tail swish twitch tell...when the tail goes back and forth...look out! They are either going to pounce or they are so happy they will twist themselves underfoot till you pick them up. When Madison wakes up from a nap she mew-meows until I say something to her. We have conversations.

They do a great job of keeping me company while I work and definitely the house doesn't feel empty anymore.

Thanks so much for the update, Leslie.  It's so great to see your happy, healthy kittens again!  They sure are lovely, and we're thrilled they bring you so much joy!   


  1. how sweet! what a great home they have! love the one of Madison with her legs off the ottoman! LOL silly bean!

  2. They've grown so very much and are even more beautiful! The second picture is too funny for words. Clearly this is an absolutely perfect match and that they love you as much as you do them. Thanks so much for the update.

  3. So beautiful! Thanks for the update. :)

    LOVED the 2nd pic! Gave me the giggles. Kitties really can sleep anywhere eh?

  4. I LOVE how beautiful Franklin and Daphne are becoming!

    They have truly adopted their home & family...right down to supervising the window cleaning!

  5. The second pic. Madison is an inception kitty. Her markings made a cat, which cuter than cute.
    I love Franklin in the screen door. My Gus is a supervisor of all goings on too.

  6. That picture on the ottoman is a winner! I'm picturing the slow kitty ooze onto the floor...

    Beautiful cats, both of them! It's so fun to see them all grown up.

  7. Wow those two have really hit a growth spurt. It's so nice to see them settled in and enjoying their new home. And Madison looks so funny stretching out on the ottoman.

  8. Great update! So cute!

  9. Thank you SOOO much for the update, Madison and Franklin's mom! I love the pictures as well as your description of their personalities. It seems like they haven't changed much - Daphne is still the ultimate lovebug and Franklin is still a mischievous prankster and possessive toy-taker. I'm so happy they found their perfect home with you.

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  11. Love love love the update!! Thank you!! It's so fun hearing about their grownup personalities and how they keep you company, and the photos are delightful.



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