Monday, July 16, 2012


Whew!  We did it!  We all were a tad nervous we weren't going to get there in time, but we did manage to meet that $2500 challenge with almost and hour to spare, and now there's $5000 more in the kitty for the kitties!    Thank you ALL for helping us secure that today, and thanks to our Awesome Anonymous Donor for offering up that beautiful match.

Normally, after we meet a match like that, I let things coast for awhile.  With less than five full days of fundraising, and $16,597 left to raise before we hit our goal, there's no time to rest.

We still have six hours left to bring in donations for our Spay and Neuter day.   Charlene, the kittens and I are planning on being here 100% until the clock strikes midnight.    I'll keep blogging, she'll keep tweeting,  and hopefully we'll bring in a little more for our Spay and Neuter program before the day is done.

The kittens are doing their best to be cute and photogenic, and I'll keep sharing pictures of them .

Like this one.

Spare some change, Mister?

Thank you, lovely people.

xo xo


  1. This is the first year I donate, and I'm glad I did it :) I always donate to my local shelter but couldn't let the opportunity pass to thank you, Laurie, and the folks at the Humane Society for making our days a little bit brighterwith those amazing kitties. I am confident that we'll meet our goal and we'll help a lot of kitties, small and big. :)



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