Monday, June 25, 2012

A Challenge from Pearla and Sheldon!

Remember these two cuties, Pearla and Sheldon Dearborn?   Of course you do, you loved them.  EVERYONE loved those darling little Dearborns.   These two, along with their siblings, brought in lots of squillions during our last FUNdraiser.



Well, they're back to help some more.

Sheldon, Pearla, and their mama, Carmen, are offering up a $500 matching donation challenge!   It's a quick one though - we've got two hours to make it happen!

Every dollar you donate  will be matched until we (hopefully!!!) reach their $500 cap.  And if we meet that, our $500 will turn into $1000!    I'm confident we can do it.  We haven't missed maxing out any of our challenges yet!!

To participate in this awesome offer and have your donation dollars double, please pay a visit to our FUNdraising page!

Thank you so much,  Carmen and Kittens.   We appreciate your generosity so much!!  And thanks in advance to all who help us meet this match!

OK,,  clock starting now - challenge ends at 1:00 PM Pacific Time.


  1. Aww, grumpy Sheldon!! And beautiful Pearla! So good to see you two. And you're still busy fundraisers, too. Such dedicated IBKC alumni!

  2. They are indeed! Lot of our alumni are!! I've seen so many adopters in our list of donors!!

  3. S&P are both becoming so gorgeous (see the IBKC Alumni on Flickr)

  4. "alma mater" means 'bountiful/nourishing mother' in Latin. it's great to see so many IBKC alumni honoring their alma mater, aka Charlene (and Laurie too)!

  5. Was there ever anything cuter than grumpy Sheldon behind that desk? And beautiful Pearla. Thank you for being so generous, S&P's mom -- I know many future kitties will be very grateful to you for your support of them!

  6. I adore the Dearborns - miss those babies so much!

  7. Carmen, you are the best! Thank you so much for your generosity and for being such an awesome mom to Sheldon and Pearla.

  8. Yea Carmen, Pearla and Sheldon!

    Patti in KY

  9. Thank you Pearla, Sheldon, and Carmen! Happy that my favorite IKBC kitties went to a sweet mom. I always love her funny comments on her kitties' pictures. How cool is it that she's become a big-time donor to her kitties' foster organization? Carmen, you are one amazing lady. I love you and your babies.



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