Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching up with the Musselman-Furman Family

The other day I hand delivered a couple of IBKC magnet sets to Kate, mom to IBKC alumni Oliver Furman and Benny and Arthur Musselman.   I didn't bring my camera along, but Kate had some great pictures, and I wanted to share those with you today.

Arthur was in the window when I arrived.  He said a quick hello, then headed upstairs.  He's a big boy.  A VERY big boy.   His body is long and broad and he weighs nearly 30 pounds.

Arthur M.


I just looked back at a few pictures of Arthur as a kitten, and even as a baby, he was a big boy.


Benny's a big one, too.  He was the most social of the trio, and was happy to be held and loved.  He's also goofy.   He rolled around on the floor and shared his belly, just like he did when he was young.

Here's baby Benny.


And here's big boy Benny.

Plump Benny

What a dear face he has!


I confessed to Kate that Oliver was the naughtiest kitten we've ever fostered.   She said he's still naughty, but such a little love, so he's very easy to forgive.  

He's a very sweet and outgoing boy.   His once inquisitive expression has shifted into a more contemplative look.

Here's the tiny trouble-maker. (aka All-Over AKA Pantalones De Loco)


And here's Oliver all grown up.


Here's the whole happy family engaged in their favorite activity, bird and squirrel watching.

Bird and Squirrel watching

It was fun spending a little time with these boys. They're all so happy together, and they're making their parents happy, too.

Good to see you again, gentlemen!!   Thanks for sharing your lovely pics, Kate!


  1. So handsome and so floofy, all of them!

    Thank you to Kate and Laurie for the update!

  2. Almost 30 pounds, holy cats! He must have some Maine Coon in him, yes?

    (I so wish I adopted him... I think I fell in love with him again)

  3. Thirty pounds? WOW! And I thought my brother Rushton was big.

  4. Wow, Arthur's mask sure darkened up!

  5. Thirty pounds!!!!!! What a chunk. I love seeing the contrast of kitten pix and adult pix - how the markings shift and darken. And I LOVE the picture of the 3 together!!

  6. Wow!

    And I thought my cat mr. Stewart Ford Fluffypants was big at 16.4 lbs.

  7. Awww ... it's lovely to know they are doing so well. Thanks for sharing. xx

  8. They've all grown into such handsome young men! <3 I think they could stand to lose a little weight though, for the sake of their health >_< I'm doing quite a bit of tough love with my gigantic boy, but I can tell he's feeling better and better as he loses weight, so it's worth the whining (Indy would just like everyone to know that we're starving him and he would like some more food right now please ^_^;;)

    1. Hope the diet works for Benny and Arthur...hopefully they will stay healthy and be active.

  9. Nothing better than Cat T.V.!!

  10. Wow, 30lbs? Oh my, and I thought my Bilal was big! I won't worry anymore. I also thought that rolling over and doing the "see my belly" was called being a big ol' dork, not being goofy :). I guess we all just have different names for it. In my house, since it's just me and the creatures, it's Bilal the big sweet dork (rolling over on his back and showing his big ol' belly).


  11. Laurie
    What fun to see the boys online! The vet thinks that Benny and Arthur have a good bit of Maine Coone. They have big bones and ruffs and a lot of fur!. Benny is on a diet to lose 5#, cause he is a little plump in the tummy. Arthur is just BIG--his paws, head, even his nose is broader then any cat I've ever seen. Oliver is just a tiny little guy,but if there is trouble he's in the middle of it! Thanks for fostering them so I could adopt the guys!!

  12. I used to have a 22 pound cuddle monkey who would jump on my chest for a snuggle and knock the wind out of me. I can't imagine trying that with a 30 pounder, but for the Musselman boys I would be willing to give it a try! They're so floofy and squishy! GAH! Must bury face in enormous bellies!

    I also love how All-Over's nose spots seem to have blended together. He always was one of my favorite itty bitties, specifically because he was so naughty. His antics always made me giggle.

  13. Holy moley! The biggest cat we ever had at the shelter was 27 pounds and he was so fat we had to wash his back end for him because he couldn't do it himself (NOT fun). Hopefully Arthur carries his weight better than that!

  14. I used to have a 26-pound cat, Duncan, who worried about the other cats eating all the food first, so he would gobble like he was starving.
    I can imagine naughty Oliver whispering to Arthur, "Benny is going to eat all the food! You better eat more Artie, before Benny gets it all!"
    Of course if asked, Oliver would say he's innocent ...

  15. Oof! Arthur is a bruiser!!

    I like seeing the kitten pictures and then the grown-up cats. Oliver's 'eyebrow' is still hilarious!!

  16. Aww, they grew up so sweet! And big! What a great group of kitties!

  17. I'm glad to hear Oliver has kept is mischievous streak. Arthur is breathtaking. He's really grown into a beautiful cat. I be nobody makes biscuits on his belly, now.

  18. Adorable!! I love how they're still all buddies... and how Benny still uses the same belly pose :)
    (hi, I'm back after 2 weeks out of the country!)

  19. They're all so gorgeous! Oliver's facial markings are fantastic. I think I would smile every time I saw his face.

  20. Oh they're so cute, but look how big they got! The black and white kitty is adorable, I'd definitely forgive him for being mischevious

    Charlotte xx

    (Psst.. have you entered my giveaway?

  21. With that big body and the dark streaks under his eyes, Arthur looks like a football player! Ain't nothin' better than a big squishy kitty.

  22. i so dont envy your food budget

  23. i so dont envy your food budget

  24. Ooooh, big boys look like they need a diet!!

  25. Stunning kittehs! How incredibly lucky are their owners!?



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