Thursday, February 2, 2012

While We Wait...

While we all patiently wait for our next litter of kittens to arrive, I thought we might revisit some posts from the past.    Not every single day, but just sprinkled in.     

When I started thinking about some of my favorite IBKC moments to share again, this was the first that popped into my mind....   our first glimpse at the Batsels.      

Here you go!!!  Enjoy! 

Well, I have a little confession to make.   Even before all the Dearborns had departed, I had some kittens waiting in the wings.

Not long before.

And I should say they were waiting WITH wings, not in the wings,  because they can fly.  

Let me explain....

Between departures I headed down to the HS to pick up some paperwork.    And there they were.  Waiting for me.  Screaming to be let out.  Clamoring in their cage.  

How could I deny them their freedom?

And so I brought them home.

And released them in their room.




And, this happened.

They went airborne.



And this isn't the first time it's happened.  Remember Wendell J Hopps? 


  1. Great flying shots! They were adorable, weren't they! :)

  2. (can't quite believe I got to be No. 1 today) Hugs to one and all, and scritchies to Dear Bean.

  3. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. Love this one. My cat Pirate is reincarnated from a trick skateboarder/snowboarder. Not only does he do Matrix-style slo-mo turns in the air when he's playing, he loves to run at a wall full speed and jump off it. Of course, he never does this when I have my camera running...

  5. Not that I am biased or anything... but the Batsels are my favorites. They are adorable bitty babies AND they fly!! What could be better? Thanks for the replay. Any updates on them?

  6. Little guy/gal on the left looks like a frog!

  7. I'm kind of glad there aren't any kittens yet (sorry Bean). It means there haven't been any turned over to the shelter lately. I'm sure you're at the top of their list for foster parents.

  8. I forgot how cute those first photos were. They were such happy kittens. I'm sure they're still happy too (but an update from their humans would be nice--hint/nag)

  9. As adorable as your photos of kitties sitting still are, I think -- and have thought since the first time I saw these -- that these photos are some of your best ever. They do such a fabulous job of conveying the energy and excitement of the silly kitties! And yes, an update from their forever humans would be wonderful (also hinting!).

  10. If I don't miss my guess, the first pic shows Claudius (left) and Priscilla. The second is just Claudius.

  11. those kittens are natural born acrobats =)
    so cute!



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