Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More Trimbles, and What's to Come...

The Trimbles are all settled into their new homes, but I still have a few pictures of them left to share with you.  Here's a little collection of photos from the last day the Trimble Tabbies  were together.

I know you're all itchin' for a new batch of kittens, but it won't be happening right away.  I'm taking a trip in the middle of January, so it doesn't make sense to bring in anymore babies until after I return.

In the meantime,  the last of the Trimble pics, some alumni updates,  a couple of announcements,  and plenty of Bean, of course.    OH, and some pictures of Charlene's cousin, Cupcake - I'll be visiting Cupcake and her family in my travels this month.  

I treated myself to a new camera last week, which I'm just getting familiar with.  I'll be able to take HD movies with the camera, so expect more videos  in the future.    Bean will be the subject while I learn to use it.  

Thanks for staying tuned during this brief, kitten-free spell!











  1. adorable.....and amazing (mom never gets pictures like this - MOL)

  2. And what model camera did you buy?? Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. No. 1 is the Cutest. Pose. Evar! I'm still wondering how you get kittens to stay ANYwhere! (apologies if this posts more than once: the web page keeps repeating itself without refreshing so I can see the post happened)

  4. Thanks for the updates Laurie! Safe travels and can't wait to see all the pics of Bean and the videos of the kittens!! :)

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane yesterday - so many adorable itty bitties! <3

    Happy new year to all!

  5. The last shot, with the paw folded back to show us dark little toe-beans is adorable and uncomfortable at the same time!

    Lovely kittens, too bad I just can't figure out which one is Bess. Monroe is not a problem - he's da Floof Boy. ;-)

  6. I am, as always, amazed at your kitty wrangling skills. I can't get one of mine to stay still much less multiple kittens. Adorable pics - can't wait for alumni updates and safe travels.

  7. Such adorable kittens! And of course you know they *never* misbehave or get into mischief because they're *so* good. Hee! I hope their new families have lots of energy to keep up with them!

  8. That first picture should be a card -- but then, all of the kittens' pictures are card-worthy in my mind!
    Safe travels, Laurie - looking forward to seeing some pix of Charlene's cousin!

  9. They look so grownup!!! How'd that happen???

  10. D5100? I got the same and just LOVE it!!! Enjoy your vacation and your new camera!!!

  11. Such wonderful shots, especially the trio pics!!! The level of Trimble adorableness has reached new heights....

  12. Seriously don't know how you do it. Amazing photos!

  13. @Carmen Please please please post updates to the alumni page. I'm going through serious Dearborn withdrawal here! I really miss little Pearla's teeny little nose....

  14. Precious, precious pictures. (What's new?) The Coming Attractions sound exciting; who doesn't love alumni updates or "plenty of Bean"? And I personally love vicarious Road Trips!!



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