Monday, December 12, 2011

Sparkle Ball Central

Things have been busy over here at Sparkle Ball central.   Fortunately, we've got a crack staff to insure only the finest of Sparkle Balls are shipped to the kitties around the world.

Bess is inspecting the latest batch of Sparkle Balls.  What do you think, Bess?   Are they up to snuff?

I'm afraid this batch won't do.  They're obviously not sparkly enough because they're not catching Wee Willard's attention.   SEND THEM BACK!


 And what about these, Bess?


These all pass the test, and I see they have been approved by Charlene Butterbean, who has even higher standards than we kitties do. 


They're perfect!  Send them out!!!


 Did you hear that, Monroe? Pack 'em up, and send 'em out!



Sparkles Balls have been flying out the door at a crazy pace.  We're running low on the holiday colors, so if you want to put some in your kitty's stocking,  please place your order soon!   Click HERE to visit the IBKC shop.



  1. It is so nice to see these kitties doing so well and getting into the Christmas spirit. What fun it must be to have them healthy and having fun at this time of year. I've got my order in for sparkle balls - hoping that Santa (aka the letter carrier) gets them to my house on time for stocking stuffing here in Canada. :)

  2. Kittens are usually more like a "staff on crack" than a "crack staff!"

  3. OMG - how cute are your shipping assistants????

  4. I don't even have a kitty and this post is making me want to buy sparkle balls! That is the power of the Trimbles.

  5. OH MELISSA! That one caught me and iced tea came out my nose!! :)

  6. I love that Miss Bess is the supurrvisor of Team Trimble!

  7. What lovely assistants you have... looks like a pretty big job, it's a good thing you've got help :)

  8. I'm so glad the adorable Trimble Tabby Trio is getting some important business experience to add to their itty bitty resumes!

  9. Since we don't see Monroe, I have to assume he's running around in the back with his Bluetooth and I-Pad making sure all the shipments make it out on time! :)

  10. I hope all three Trimbles end up in the same forever home.

  11. I second that, Chee Wai Lee....too bad it can't be my house ;o) What a cute picture story, made my day!!

  12. Our babies love their new sparkle balls and send their thanks to Charlene, Monroe, and Bess for all their help with the testing, sorting and shipping.

  13. These kitties are too cute! :) Aaaaiiii!

  14. very good picture the last one ,
    you have a great actor in your house

  15. Well, thank goodness this bitty batch is so professional (Melissa, you crack me up!), because Maren and Spenser are thoroughly enjoying their new Sparkle Balls. In fact, it looks like a Sparkle Storm in our living room.

    Please give the Bean their thanks for ensuring such a quality product, and your assistants the same for their efficient help. xo



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