Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Little Trimble Tale

Wee Willard said "See! A box made just for me!!"


But his brother said "No! It belongs to Monroe."


And the box, though it stretched,  left no room, for dear Bess.


So she left the boys there, to go sulk on a chair.


The end.


  1. ((psst)) Bess, sweetie!
    Quick, go find Charlene and cuddle up!
    Monroe and Willard will miss out!

  2. So darn cute. My Abby has similar coloring as the Trimbles. You can see her on my blog!

  3. Surely a box that holds Will AND Monroe,
    Has magical properties. It must be so!
    Much more than magic, and here is the proof:
    It holds Willard, Monroe, and Monroe's extra floof!
    The idea that a box that has such a capacity
    Won't hold Bess as well, just cannot be veracity!
    Brothers are brothers, and I have no doubt,
    They have put up a sign saying, "All GIRLS keep out!"

  4. Hehehe. Too cute. I needed that today, thanks.

  5. I love seeing what your kittens have been up to.

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your blog and due to it, how many kittens you have found homes for.

    I grew up near Tacoma and I know how sad it was at the Humane Society and how hard it is/was to find homes.

    For some reason, you have great luck with it and for that, I thank you.

  6. Does anyone else think that Miss Bess is going to end up being a floofster? Something about her fur reminds me of Beezus Medley - not the coloring, but the thickness of it. Beezus now Josie is a fluffball. Plus she's got an uber-floofy brother.

  7. Miss Bess looks so annoyed with her brothers :)
    Don't worry Bess, like someone else said - it means you can have Butterbean all to yourself! And besides, it's a plain old box - go snag one of the super comfy spots and then your brothers will be jealous :)

  8. Huzzah Melissa! :) Oh such sweet floofness all around.

  9. Yes, I believe Miss Bess has floofolicious potential. (And agree she should seek out Charlene ASAP!!)

  10. Sweet little Bess. I wish i could offer you your very own box at my house, sweetie, but I know you'll all-too-soon be off to a house of your very own. May they have lotsand lots of boxes to squeeze yourself into!

  11. Bess and Charlene don't need no stinkin' boys!!

    But of course they really do. :-)

    So hopefully a bigger box will make an appearance during the holiday season so that they can all fit!

  12. I love how Monroe just invited himself into the box. Wee Willard doesn't look to happy with that development.

  13. YAY for Melissa's poem!
    Purrfect complement to this post!

  14. Adorable poem, and even more adorable kittens. Oh, how I love tabbies.

  15. Honestly, I can't decide whether to laugh or cry at this entry! Willard looks so darn cute, then Monroe finagles his way into the box and the two of them look as uncomfortable as can be, while sweet Bess has a look that says, "Boo. I didn't wanna sit in that stoopid ol' box anyway." The photos are just priceless.

    And here's another hooray for Melissa!! Well done!!

  16. Another 'Right on!' for Melissa's Dr. Seuss poem! Honestly, did anyone else think that 'The Little Trimbles & Their Box' sounded like a Dr. Seuss story? I sometimes read children's books to my two Siamese kitties. I don't think they understand but it's the thought that counts. :o)



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