Friday, August 5, 2011

Barnum and Clifford Batsel are on the Hunt!

Well, we had some good leads that didn't quite pan out,  so our sweet boys, Clifford and Barnum Batsel, are still on the hunt for their forever home.  


These  two medium-haired tabbies are exceptional kittens.  Both are mellow and sweet,  so incredibly affectionate, and easy-going too.  They trust everyone they meet, and will fall asleep belly-side up in the arms of strangers.

They are little loves, and I guarantee  they'll bring a tremendous amount of joy to their adopters.

They've been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated and are officially ready to leave the nest.

Clifford and Barnum love being together so much, so I am trying hard to place them together.    If you need this precious pair in your life,  please send an email to kittywrangler(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me a little bit about yourself and the kind of home you could offer these two.

If you're not in the market, but you know someone in the Seattle/Tacoma are who are in search of a very fine pair of kittens, please send them our way!

Thanks for spreading the word!


  1. Who could possibly resist those sweet faces - so cute, so
    mischievous, so cutely patterned? Their very special furever home will come soon! Until then though we get to enjoy them....... :)

  2. Oh, criminey! If only............

  3. I wish I was in the right area, I would LOVE to bring home the adorable boys with the awesome names!

  4. !!! They are the best ones, with their precious little muzzles!

  5. Oh I hope they get to go together. They are so sweet!

  6. I can vouch for the fact that two kittens are no more trouble than one and they are way more than twice the joy! I've had cats all my long life and have ALWAYS had at least two at a time. Priceless.

  7. A single cat owner for a long time, I now have a pair of cats. It's way way better and no more work. These two boys will be gone soon, they're brain-meltingly cute.

  8. Oh man. Whoever ends up with that pair is sooooo lucky. I'm totally in love with both of them. It would be like getting Luke AND Owen Wilson in one chick flick!

    I think you should hold out till you get them adopted together and post gazillions more pics while waiting. :-)

  9. You could bring them to Oklahoma. I wouldn't mind...
    Anyway, two are better, IMO they're actually less trouble because they can entertain & comfort each other for those times when sleep is needed, like at night.

  10. I agree with everyone else, two are LESS wok than one, because they play together so much and provide the much needed company that we can't always give them!

    I second Molly's plan...keep them until they can go together, we need more pics of these precious babies ;)

  11. After months of transition, our military move is nearly complete... house sold, packed up, new mortgage closes in 3 more days. Sadly, our elderly torbie passed on before the move. All we need to make our home complete is kittens. I promise the kittens lots of packing paper and all the boxes they can explore. I'll even spring for the plane ticket to Michigan and start a blog. Pretty please?

    These darling babies certainly won't be waiting long for their forever home. Don't know anyone who could resist that gorgeous tabby floof... let alone times 2!

  12. I so wanted my sister to adopt a pair of the Batsels, since her only cat is quite elderly now; unfortunately, we learned that her only cat HATES other cats and especially kittens, so unfortunately {sniffle} it won't work. a few years, if you're still fostering, I'll be on a plane to Seattle and bring my sister to Tacoma to meet kitties and they will love her and you will love her and everyone will be happy!

    In the meantime, I agree that you should wait until the boys can go together. They deserve to stay together since they clearly love each other so much.

  13. I never noticed until seeing these pictures that Barnum has some delicious ear points on the tips of his ears! I would SO love to have the Batsels lounging in my lap, belly-side up! However, I'm in Boston and we have two older cats who barely get along, so it wouldn't work well for anyone! wah. I hope these cuties can stay together!

  14. I second (or is it fifth?) the idea that two are *way* better than one when it comes to kittens. Sue at Pitter Pats of Baby Cats gives a wonderful explanation of the whys and wherefores, so I'll just say that in over 25 years of adopting rescues it's always been a joy for us to bring home two if we were adopting kittens.

    Our older cats always adjusted to the little balls of fire. It took some time, a bit of hissing to set boundaries, but before long there were community baths, playful wrestling matches between our oldest and youngest and often all five (yes, five) slept in a clump, so much did they adore each other.

  15. They look lovely :)

    I hope you will find them their forever home :)



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