Thursday, July 21, 2011


Our matching donation was met, and I just put Cynthia's two squillion into the pot, and LOOK!  We just passed our $50,000 goal!!!!!!!!!!



LOTS OF CHEERS, and BIG, HAPPY TEARS around here!!!!      

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who helped get us here.  We appreciate every single penny donated, every word that was spread, and every prayer that was said.  



We'll be back shortly,,  We've got some dancing to do and some phone calls to make.


WE DID IT!!!! 

And now,, a few words from the Bean.



  1. HOORAY!!!!!!


    FIVE - OH!!!!!

    Happy, Happy - Joy, Joy!!!

  2. I'm going to cry at work! FIFTY SQUILLLIIIONNNNNNNNNNNNN!

  3. ...What does she want?

  4. Amazing. That's all I can say. But we still have two days left, how high can we go?

    And even The Bean's meows are regal...

  5. Congratulations! It saddens me that I was unable to afford being part of such a huge success this time around, but I'm extatic that you achieved your 50 squillion goal!

    (So funny that Charlene does the "yawn-meow" too - I thought my Rebus was the only one!)

  6. Hooray hooray hooray!!! Amazing work, Laurie! This is going to do so much good :):):):):):)

  7. I have never heard meows that were so distinctly MEOW. I love love love it!!

  8. Congratulations, Laurie!!! All of this wouldn't happen without all of YOUR hard work (supporting your primary staff of kittens, of course!).

    Let's see how high we can go before it ends! I plan to give again tomorrow since it's payday. :D

    THANK YOU for everything you do.

  9. And BACK AT YOU, CHARLENE!!!!!!

    I hope you and Laurie and Craig and the IBKs take a good nap together this afternoon. You have earned it. (Perhaps the Batsels are still too fresh from the shelter for napping with the Bean, but you know what I mean.)


  10. I was glad to play a small part in this year's fundraiser, once again you set the bar high and all the kitty lovers jumped ;o) To Laurie and Butterbean & all the kittens on the phones, Dearborns and Batsels - you should be proud!!

  11. What a fabulous and amazing achievement! Kitty lovers rule! And the generosity of folks who made matching donations can't be discounted -- it's really awe-inspiring to know how many loving, caring people there are in the world. Starting, of course, with YOU, Laurie and Craig, and the one-of-a-kind Bean, who captures all our hearts!

    So what are you planning for next year? World domination? :)

  12. Happy tears -- Happy dance -- Happy heart.

    My fur boys and I are so very proud to be a part of the wonderful IBKC community. Thank you thank you -- Laurie, Craig and Ms. Bean for making the world a better place for all of our fur babies.

    Judith, Finn, Levi, and Henry

  13. HURRAH, WOOO HOOO, AND HALLELUJAH!!!! I am so happy I am sure you can hear me all the way from Canada. Congratulations to Laurie, Craig and Beanie. Was very happy to be a small part of this campaign. What a moving, eloquent speech Bean. What a way with words you have.

  14. As my mother says "Well worth the price of admission..." I find great pleasure in this blog and look almost daily. I succumbed to two match challenges and the second senior day for a total of $200. That comes to (less than) 55 cents a day. I am thankful that a.) I can afford that and b.) you are here for me to enjoy!! Besides, I get my kitten fix from you and this is WWWAAAYYYY cheaper than getting new kittens every time I need a fix!! Congratulations on reaching your goal. I think I will start tossing the $$ in a jar now for next year.

  15. I didn't think anything could top how I felt when IBKC reached their fundraising goal last year but I was wrong! This is a spectacular moment.

    I am so excited about how many animals are going to live better lives because of the amazing generosity of this group.

    Thank you Laurie, Craig, and Miss Charlene for such an awesome accomplishment!

  16. What WONDERFUL news! And I loved hearing Miss Charlene speak. :)

  17. wooo, congratulations!

    bean haz a very cute sleepy voice. *G*

  18. WOOOHOOO..
    also played this while my cat was laying next to me. He spazzed looking for the mewing. XD

  19. YEAH!!! Concats on SUCH a great job. Mom is doing the happy dance in her chair at work!

  20. Hooray!! As everyone else has already said, I am so glad i could play a small part in this fundraiser. And a big thanks to the big-hearted folks that offered matching donations. Your generosity is amazing!

    Laurie, thank you for being so devoted to the cause of homeless animals. I can't even imagine how many kittens, cats & senior cats will benefit from $50,000. You seem like lovely, humble person - I just hope you're not too humble to realize how much good you bring to the world! :) :)

  21. My four fabulous felines are all purring up a storm with the wonderful news that the goal has been made. Congrats on a job very well done, Laurie, Craig, and of course the magnificent Miss Bean!

  22. I can't watch the video (sorry Beanie) cause I'm at work but man the happy tears are pooling in my eyes.

    Thank you to everyone who donated and the super generous matching donations. Thank you to you Laurie, Craig, the Dearborns, the Batsels and of course the Tacoma HS.

    This is going to help so many lovely animals!

    Gosh now I've got sniffles too.

  23. Congratulations! I knew it would happen - how could it not with such adorable IBKs working the phones, combined with the inspiration offered by the Bean, Craig's strong support, and all the hard work you put both into this fundraiser and in raising little kittens to become very special cats! Well done, Laurie! And high paws to all the fabulous donors - those who gave money, those who created arts and crafts to auction, and those who could only follow this effort with their hearts and hopes. You ALL made it possible! Fifty squillion is going to help so many cats - AND get them a lot of sparkleballs too!

  24. Amazing. Congratulations. All involved should pat themselves on the back. I'm sitting at work and getting a little teary-eyed. And I DON'T get teary-eyed. Very happy for you.

    I wasn't able to donate because I'm recovering from a two-year unemployment, but I follow EVERY DAY, and I hope to donate next year.

  25. Wow, that's some serious scratch. Get it? That's humor! My husband says I don't do it well. :) This is so wonderful and it definitely made me teary eyed after a challenging day at work. Laurie, it's a mitzvah you did! CB, you look marvelous as usual.


    Cheers! Mews! Chirps! Headbutts! Rumble-purrs! Congratulations, everyone!

    Charlene, your meows are so beautifully articulate--but I expected nothing less.

  27. Lita and the boys in MelbourneJuly 21, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    Why Miss Charlene Butterbean, you have the daintiest little voice we have heard in a long while! Congratulations on the reaching such great fundraising heights!

  28. I think this is the first time I've ever heard Charlene's voice! The me-yawn cracked me up. I had to watch a second time.

    Congrats on reaching your goal!

  29. Laurie, you are truly an amazing person, to create such a community on your blog. Your talent is extraordinary and you use it for the common good--in a way that makes a profound impact. That's extraordinary and I am really inspired by your blog and the $50,000 dollar total this year (of which my own little donation was but a drop!). Kudos, and keep up the great work.

  30. Bean has the most beautiful mew! Congratulations Laurie, Bean and IBKC! Here's to 100 squillion next year! YEAA!

  31. Congratulations and thank you Laurie, Craig, Charlene and the Dearbourn and Batsel kittens for all you do. Wonderful, wonderful news.



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