Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Name!

Well, this handsome little boy has a name.   It's Clifford Batsel.


Autumn was the high-bidder in this little fellow's naming rights auction , and she and her husband, Darren, selected this perfect name.   Here's what she had to say...

We want to give the kitten the distinguished name of, Clifford, after my husband's grandfather, Papa, who is much loved and missed.

Even though he wasn't much for cats digging around in his prized garden, we're sure he'd like this adorable little guy!

I agree, it is a very distinguished name.   It suits this little gentleman so well.

Thanks so much for your generous bid,  Autumn!

If you would like to bid on the opportunity to name a kitty, we've got a little over an hour to go in his brother's naming rights auction.    Later this morning, his other brother's auction will go live.   Stay tuned for that!

Also, don't forget we've got until noon today to meet Cynthia's big $2000 matching donation challenge!!!!   Jump in that one, please! We're getting SO close now!  Only $615 to go until we meet the match, then I'll be putting her $2 squillion into the kitty, and then we pass our $50 squillion goal!!     YIPPEEE!!!!

Charlene is already preparing a speech for the occasion.    

It's going to be an very exciting day!!!  

OH, one last thing... we've got some old friends popping over today that you're going to be VERY excited to see!   Just you wait...   Heee heeeeeeee!

To make a tax-deductible donation and help us reach our $50 squillion goal, please visit our FUNdraising page.


  1. Pleased to meet you young Clifford Batsel!

    I know there is a whole world of love out there for you, so leap around for sheer joy!

  2. Love, love, love the name...distinguished yet fun.

  3. Congrats, in advance, of meeting and surpassing the goal! As part of the wrap-up, could you list the auctions and how much the final winning bids were? I'd love to know, but the auctions disappear from e-bay once they are finished.


  4. Marishka - you can see Laurie's completed auctions on eBay. On the left-hand side categories under "Show Only" you can click on the box next to "completed listings" and it will show all of them for you.

    Mary Louise

  5. I'm loving the auction name choices. I know that s thiis named for a much loved and missed grandfather, but is it wrong of me to think that it can also allude to "Cliff" on the tv show, "Cheers?" This kitty has the same mustached "gravitas" that is a little too too much to be taken seriously - just like the tv character; his somberness just makes you want to chuckle and hug the heck out of him.

  6. Thanks Mary Louise!



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