Sunday, July 10, 2011

Three More Up for Auction!

First up on the auction block today are two prints by artist / graphic designer Jay Bryant.  Jay is a hugely talented guy and he just happens to be one of my oldest and dearest friends.  We go WAAAAAY back to my Iowa days.  

Jay generously donated two prints to our auction.  First up is "Otis and Ella".  Otis and Ella, the cats featured in this print, belong to Jay and his wife Anne Bryant.   We saw Anne's work earlier this week.

And next, we have "Drewey".  Of course you know who that pretty girl is and maybe you long-time followers might recognize the rug too.  It graced our living room floor for many years.

You can check out his prints up for auction by visiting  HERE and HERE.  And to see his awesome design work, visit his website.  He also has some prints for sale.

Last of all, we have a beautiful chainmail bracelet donated by jewelry artist and animal lover Alexandra Sloan of Eternal Knights Creations.    The bracelet is lovely, light-weight and easy to wear.    

You can see more of Alexandra's work in her Etsy shop or on her Facebook page too. To place a bid on this piece, please pay a visit to the AUCTION.

And to see all the auctions that are now live, visit our Ebay page.

A huge thanks to Jay and Alexandra for your awesome art donations!  We appreciate it so much!

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