Thursday, July 7, 2011

This is Kisses




This teeny tiny kitten is named Kisses.

She came into the shelter all by her lonesome and she's being fostered by Katherine, the foster care coordinator.  Katherine has a mama cat in her care too, and when Mama heard Kisses crying, she offered her a little of her milk.   Unfortunately Mama's well ran dry so now Kisses has to be bottle fed.

Each day, Kisses comes to work with Katherine.  And each day she comes home with Katherine.   When kittens are this tiny, they need to be fed every few hours, so they can't be left alone for long.

I just wanted you to meet Kisses, so you could see one of the many kittens you're helping with  your donations to our fundraiser.   I also wanted you to meet Katherine, one of the many devoted staff members at our shelter.

We all appreciate your support and thank you for every single dollar you've donated.  I assure you they're being put to very good use and they help save the lives of many cats and kittens.

We're doing great with our fundraiser, but still have to raise another $20 squillion  before we reach our goal.   If you would like to make a donation and help a few kitten like Kisses out, please visit our fundraising page.  

Click HERE to learn more about our fundraiser and make a tax-deductible donation.

Thanks you so much!


  1. Holy Mother Of God!! Precious! The best sort of kisses ever!!!

  2. Kisses looks like she could be related to Pearla!

    Thanks so much for sharing Kisses with us, Laurie! And thanks to the folks at the HS for loving the furries, too!

  3. OMG. IS there anything in this world more precious? Im not in a position to do much but ...

  4. Well, that did it. I've made a few donations already but I MUST make another one now because of this baby and the wonderful Katherine.

    And I'm sure it won't be my last!

  5. Teeneh tineh babeh kitteh!!!! AUGH. I am ded.

  6. Oh good golly miss molly...she is tiny. Good luck with her.

  7. I want Kisses too!!!

    Oh my she's so so so sweet.

  8. Donated my remaining bank balance for Kisses. If I wasn't so broke I'd give more! But kisses for Kisses who tots deserves all the love possible!

  9. Now that is a kitten that could rot your teeth she's so cute. Good job for her I finally got paid.

  10. Lita and the boys in MelbourneJuly 7, 2011 at 6:15 PM

    Oh my word - precious Kisses! As 'S' said, "I want Kisses, too!"

  11. Oh my word, not only she's so very itty bitty but she has so much personality.

    I want her.

    Thank you to the foster parents and the HS for helping these babies!

  12. I have a strapping 17-pound brown tabby named Christopher. His nicknames are Kissy, Kisses, KissyFur. I made a donation from my Kisses for Katherine's Kisses.

  13. Okay, I was going to wait to make another donation till our funds were a bit larger, but how could I resist this precious, tiny baby? Knowing that she's loved and cared for, and all the other kitties, big or little, as well, makes it all worth while!

  14. Nanette said...

    Oh, for the love of God! Somebody please set this kitten's Cuteness Phaser on stun or we are all doomed! Between Kisses and Eleanor over on 'Pitter Pats', I'm barely coping.

  15. Cutest. Kitten. Ever.

    P.S. Cutest. Kitten. Name. Ever.

  16. OMG thank you so much Laurie. You are simply wonderful! I SO needed something to smile about today.

    And YES my little Kisses IS the cutest thing ever!

    And the name came from my 5 year old daughter who loves any beebees I bring home! You can see more @ or Fosteraholics Anonymous on Facebook! Who could ever get enough of adorable foster beebees!??


  17. I am a fosterer, too, and just took care of a little orphan baby even tinier than Kisses. They need a LOT of care and can quickly take a turn for the worse (poor Fifi was less than 4 ounces at 2 weeks old and, sadly, passed away tonight very suddenly as I held her). But there are so many kitties who would not get ANY chance if not for the combined efforts of volunteers, foster carers, shelters, animal charities, etc. Please give, everyone! Fifi and Kisses are two among millions every year who need extra special care.

  18. ACK!!! Too much cuteness..... Bottle babies can be a lot of work, but who could resist that face????

  19. Erin,

    I'm very sorry to hear about Fifi. You did the best you could and at least her last moments were full of love.

  20. OMG Miss Kisses... you are just too teeny and prosh.

    May you grow up strong, healthy, and loving under Katherine's TLC.

  21. How old is Miss Kisses? I have a litter of fosters who look just about her age, they're about three weeks! She's precious!



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