Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Matching!!


We've got just three days left, then we'll be wrapping up our fundraiser.  It's been a long stretch, but it's been a good one.  It's been so exciting to watch everything unfold, and to see the total grow!

I can tell by our traffic stats that you have been totally here for us too.  I appreciate you standing by. I can't think of a blog with more loyal followers than you all.  I hope you know how much that means to us.  

Thanks for taking us so far!    We've got  just a little less that 3 squillion to go, and I've got something that's going to be taking us over the top.  Yep.  We've got another matching donation challenge from our dear friend, Cynthia.  

Once again, she's offering a very generous $2000 matching donation challenge.    Each time we've managed to meet her challenges, and I'm hoping that will be the case today too!    And once we meet it, we'll be PASSING our goal.

The matching  donation challenge officially starts now, and we've got until noon Pacific Time tomorrow to meet it.

For every dollar you donate , Cynthia will be doubling that.   So, if we meet her meet her $2000  challenge, our $2000 will become $4000,  and there will be a whole lot of hooting and hollering around here.  

This will be the very last matching donation challenge, so please jump in now and get your dollars doubled!

Please visit out FUNdraising page to make your tax-deductible donation today.

Thanks so much for all your generosity, everyone.   Thanks for taking us so far!  

And Cynthia, you are a rockstar.

OK, let's roll it over!!!


  1. Cynthia is a total rock star!!! Lets bring it home for the kitties. Cats Rule, Dogs Drool!

  2. Those two Batsel boys are uber-purrescious! I can hardly wait to get officially introduced to them.

    Cynthia is so awesome in her support of the kittens!

    Dogs may drool, but they can love kitties too - and not just as chase toys...Cricket is learning that lesson.

  3. Cynthia's generosity, like Charlene's loveliness, seems to know no bounds.

  4. This made me cry. And it made me donate again too.

  5. Oh my Bailey is part sheltie and part cattle dog - she therefore is a "cat dog" who belives she is (1) just a very large 42 lb cat and, (2) her herd are not cows but cats. She is serious about her responsibility to her herd.

    I totally love her - but she does drool a bit. LOL

  6. Cynthia is definitely the IBKC fairy godmother!

    Laurie, does the total include any of the auctions yet? I'm thinking in particular of the two paintings Craig did -- wowzer, did those bring some fantastic prices!!

  7. Laura, the goal has always been to raise 50 squillion online plus whatever we bring in on the auctions. So no, they're not included in the total.

  8. cynthia is a star :D. thanks cythia.

  9. oh and those kittens are adorabuls

  10. That's even better, Laurie! 50 squillion plus -- that's going to do an awful lot for the kitties of Tacoma!

  11. Inspired by Cynthia to donate a 3rd time! Come on everyone!

  12. Hurray for Cynthia! You're amazing!

    And no one could deny these two floofy boys are brothers; so adorable!

  13. Thanks, everybody. Glad to be able to help. Are these Batsels gorgeous, or what? Rockstar? Rockstar? I'm a little old lady! :)

  14. Well, who says little old ladies can't be rockstars?! Paul McCartney is getting close to being a little old man and he is still a rockstar! :-)

  15. Cynthia, you are a rockstar in capital letters!! ROCKSTAR CYNTHIA!!! Off to get the little plastic card to also make my third donation. Can't wait till tomorrow, I might not get back to the site till after the deadline!!



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