Friday, July 8, 2011

Micro-chips and Blood-draws and Vaccines, Oh My!

The Dearborns and I headed into the Humane Society yesterday to visit Katherine in the foster room.  It was time for micro-chipping, blood draws, and a round of vaccines.    I have to say, the babies did  remarkably well.

We started with the weigh-in, which is the easiest part.


And yes, the first number is a "2" and we all know what that means....

Next, a round of Pyrantal.   Yum!   Followed by vaccines.


And then the blood-draws.   I was so impressed at how well they did.  They were quiet and still and the only one who made a peep was Phoebe, and it was a very, very  small peep.



Of course no one enjoyed it (note flat ears) but still, they were very good.


Last, was the micro-chiping.  Which stings a bit for a second,  but just a second.


After Phoebe got her chip, she decided she was done, and tried to make a break for it.   Understandably so, that's a lot for a kitten to go through in one sitting.


Nice work, kittens.   You make me proud.  What well-behaved kittens you are.


  1. Why in the world did this make me all happy-teary-eyed-emotional? It creeps up on me when I least expect it.

    Beautful photos.

  2. Oh no! I don't want them going anywhere!! :( :( But I understand - they have to fatten up for their forever homes.

    Thanks for the pics Laurie!

    Yay kittens for being brave little sweethearts.

  3. You are such brave babies. I am so pleased you are growing up so well. But we're going to miss you when you move into your forever homes.

  4. Awwww the teeny little tourniquets did me in!! Good job Dearborns. I would have probably cried at all that poking and prodding. Love you all!

  5. Good job kittens - mom says she normally has to hold ours when this happens. Hope they can at least stick around to finish their duties for the fundraiser!

  6. Geraldine has the best expression on her face. I'm pretty sure if she could, she'd cross her arms across her chest and go "HMMPH!"

  7. I was surprised by thinking how cute the teeny doll-house tourniquets were myself! What nice kitties. But I can't believe it's that time already!

  8. Kittens are so very good. Katherine is GREAT!

  9. Don't tell the kittens, but they are much braver than I'd be under similar circumstances!

  10. I always wondered how the blood draw was done. But I'm too chicken to see it done on my cat. Such brave kitties! And they are so tiny!

  11. How far did Phoebe get in her great escape?

  12. Emily, she didn't even make it off the table.

  13. I like Phoebe's last pose...contemplating another dash if ANYONE came close to her with another pokey thing!

    I hate to see them go already, but do they really have to leave before they see the culmination of their hard work???

    No way will La Bean be able to train up another set before the end of the FUNdraising - is there????

  14. I'm not surprised that Phoebe bolted--she's the one who hid in the wall and didn't make it into the first itty-bitty batch delivered to the shelter! I'll bet she's a squeeze-behind-the-fridge kind of kitty. Awesome.

  15. Oh babies, hope you all got lots of treats for putting up with all of that! Hugs



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