Saturday, July 16, 2011

Meet Number Three

Hello, Handsome.


Here's number three of our new little family.  This little tabby and white boy is  super sweet and downy-soft.   He's got the funniest little peeps - he sounds like a squeaky toy bird.   Best of all -  he's a total cuddle-bug.   

I wasn't able to check in on our fundraiser yesterday because I was all tied up with the Cheezburger event, so I was REALLY happy to see we met the matching donation challenge.   Thank you everyone who helped make that happen!    

We've got lots more coming today...

- I'll be introducing the last of this little family.  

- We'll be kicking off the first naming rights auction.  It will just be a ONE day auction, not three like we     normally do.  We've got to get these kittens named fast!  

- Dearborn departure story

- More art up for auction

- SO, please stay tuned!! 


  1. He is one handsome little man. Wow. Plus a nice floofy boy for the Bean!

  2. Will there be any stories or pics from Cheezburger Field Day? It has to have been a blast.

  3. Hey, it be noted that you're blowing by last year's fundraising totals and setting a new record! Congrats!

  4. * "it should be noted" I meant.

  5. Such a worried little face! It's okay, tiny one; you're in very good hands (and paws, where Miss Butterbean is concerned).

  6. Dear little man - you won the kitty lottery's highest prize when your litter met Miss Laurie!

    And you will LOVE Miss Charlene Butterbean and the human who embraces his inner cat tree (Craig).

  7. hokey smokes he's adorable!!!

  8. Oh my goodness, I love those smudge noses!!

    And I see that the Firstgiving goal is almost reached. Hooray!

    I've done my bit, won't anybody else out there reading this chip in even a dollar or so?

  9. What a sweet little kitty face, so solemn. I love it that he is a living squeaky toy...I have one like that too! It's impossible to imitate the noises they make, it's their own language ;o)

  10. Hello handsome! You are such a lovely little boy--I hope you enjoy your wonderful foster home as much as we'll enjoy getting to know you and your siblings.

  11. Hi, little Mister squeaky peeper!! Wow, what gorgeous coloring you have -- and such a sweet nose!!! I am in love :)

  12. ------THUD!--------

    I'm deded from the cute!!

  13. OMG, he is so cute! And he looks so wise beyond his weeks!



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