Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Kitten, Another Challenge!


You briefly met this his handsome little gray tabby before.    Yes, he was the one springing into action in the first photo I shared with you. He's was also the one hovering in the second picture.

He looks like he's in deep thought here, but I'm pretty sure he's contemplating his next pounce or leap.

He's not ALL crazy kitten, though.    He's actually a super happy and friendly fellow, and when we humans come into their room, he always greets us with chirps and purrs.     He's pretty awesome.

And speaking of awesome....

We have an awesome donation challenge today.  

 Charlene has a little fan club on he east coast.   And this fan club, whose members choose to remain anonymous,  is offering up an $1750 matching donation challenge!!

So, for every dollar you donate today, they will double that until we reach their $1750 cap, and when we reach that, our $1750 in donations will become $3500 for the cats and kittens!!  WOOT!

We've got until 6:00 PM (Pacific Time) to meet their match!!

Thank you anonymous lovers of my cat for this awesome matching donation challenge!  

OK, friends.   If you can, pop on over to our FUNdraising page, and get your dollars doubled!!

OH, and we've got our lovely painting by Vivienne Stauss  and a hat by Chloe and Boo ending today.  Be sure to get in on the bidding before it's too late!  

PS I'll be hanging out with all those Cheezburger peeps today and will try to pop back in as often as  I can.  I hope they have Wifi at the stadium!!


  1. Why, hello there! Indeed, what a handsome little boy you are!

  2. That white eyeliner just kills me! So much love - and pounces!

  3. Hello, Laurie I know you are busy with the new batch, but I would like to donate a $100 certificate for (my shop) for the auction if there is time. I figure I would donate it and people

  4. Why am I seeing a hint of IBKC graduate Fern in this young gent? Whether or not it is merely my imagination, I think I am already in love.

  5. Kitty krusty eyes - I luv luv luv tabbies.
    I think his name should be Krusty Kneivel

  6. Laurie: could you have ever imagined when you started fostering and doing your little blog that you would be called an "internet celeb"? (as per the cheezburger poster) Does it seem unreal at times? And it sounds like you have beyond a full-time job doing this at this point!

  7. Oh, what a beautiful boy, indeed! And he looks so sweet, too!

  8. Ooh...he has the cutest Tabby forehead M I've seen in a long time. What a sweetheart face!

  9. Thank you Anonymous East Coast Fans of Charlene Butterbean for your terrific fundraising challenge on behalf of hard-working Bean and Laurie, and all the little IBKC kittens! YAY!

  10. Many thanks to the Anon E Mouse IBKC fans!

    And, Oooh ooooh that face! It looks like he is in deep calculation of the forces and energy requirements for his next vault!

  11. What a lovely little boy--I can't wait to see more of his antics.

  12. OH, what a sweet little morsel!!!

  13. Elaine, You never really know where your life is going to go. It has turned into a lot more than I thought it would. And yes full time at times, and this time of the year, even more. No complaints though. I'm think I'm the luckies person I know. : )



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