Monday, July 18, 2011

Just listed!

Just listed, is this beautiful lion pendant by jewelry artist Kirsten McDonald of Equos Designs.  Please pay a visit to the auction, and visit her Etsy shop too!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us, Kirsten!!

And while you're visiting this auction, please check out all the other lovely things we're auctioning off, too!


  1. this is lovely, I really need to save my pennies for next year, but I have to admit, it will be to bid on Tea with the Bean!! I will have two friends living in the Seattle area so I will definitely have more than one reason to head west from the east coast!!

  2. Wishing I was near your area but I'm from Australia. Was hoping you had an email to share your wisdom, looking into maybe fostering some kittens someday and was hoping to ask a few questions. My email is I'd be sincerely grateful if you could send me a email back but I understand if you're busy. Send love to Bean and the kittens. BTW Sheldon totally stole my heart...



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