Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Batsel Boys Take Their First Shift

First off,  the naming rights auction for our little girl ends in just a couple of hours, so if you're planning on bidding, hurry!!   Here's the link to her auction.

Well, we are starting to get REALLY close to our goal, which is good because we have just a few days left on fundraiser!

This Saturday, we'll be wrapping it all up and joining thousands of folks at  Dog-A-Thon, our Humane Society's walk for homeless animals.   If any of you local folks would care to join us for the walk, please let us know and we'll figure out a meeting spot and time.

The boy Batsels are  taking their very first shift on the phones today, let's check in and see how they are doing...


Uh oh.


PSSSSSSST. can someone tell me where the bathroom is, please?    PSSSSSSSSST.    Please?


I have to go.  


I mean I REALLY have to go.  


I'm sorry, but I need to go find the box.  


I TOLD him to go before we left this morning.  And I TOLD him not to drink all that coffee.  I hope I can handle this on my own.   I'm getting kind of nervous.   UH OH.  Oh, great.  Now I have to go.

Well,  I guess we should probably make our donations online.  Click HERE to visit our FUNdraising page.   We're getting so close!  Let's roll it over soon!!!!  

Thanks for all the amazing support!! 


  1. Those boys....apparently the last group didn't leave very good instructions on how this process works. They may need some Bean instructions.....

  2. The boys might be more efficient with computer access at their phone bank. Where's the Itty Bitty computer monitor and keyboard? I know that I help my person by sitting on the mousepad. I'm just sayin'
    Kitty Fuzzbucket Olson

  3. Tiny coffee mug! I is killed ded by the cuteness.

  4. I'm going to be honest. When I saw the goal this year was $50,000, I thought that in this economy, when so many people are struggling, it just wouldn't be possible. And here you are- a stone's throw away from meeting that goal. And I think your shelter has to give a lot of thanks to you, Laurie, with your website and your following for that. And I am absolutely floored by the generosity of all those you have contributed. And those who couldn't afford to give, maybe they forwarded your link to their friends. Everyone has found a way to try and help and it is just so beautiful.

  5. Your kitten dialogue is great! Really, your pictures, your words, sounds like a book to me!

  6. I know Laurie's shelter must bless her multiple times a day! Now if only we could have the same level of support for every shelter. Sigh. It's a beautiful dream!

  7. Aww.. look at the Batsel boys, all wide-eyed on their first day on the job!! (I almost missed the little guy exploring the lower quarters in the first picture!)

    Well I think they did a great job first time out... the expressions on their faces are cracking me up!!

    Another seriously awesome FUNdraiser series o' pics and captions!!

  8. good first day on (near, really) the phones. Maybe you can take some calls later today...

    Heidi K - I went back and I missed that kitten as well. Proves how sneaky kittens can be, eh?

  9. I love these little photo stories *so* much! :)

  10. It's so funny that every time the kittens have a shift on the phones, there's some reason why people have to donate online instead.

  11. Oh, and I think you should make other types of sets throughout the year. (no pressure)

  12. Christine J. ValdezJuly 19, 2011 at 5:09 PM

    Did anyone notice that the Batsel Boys both have 'mustaches?' I think they've jumped straight into puberty. Hee hee. They look so cute on their first day of work. Very 'growed up.'



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