Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An Important Word from Charlene


I know I look kind of glamorous and exotic but I really am just a regular ole shelter kitty from Tacoma, Washington.   I know many of you know my story, but I thought I would share  it with you again because we have lot of new friends visiting us now.

When I was just a wee kitty, only a couple of days old, I was dropped off at The Humane Society.  It was a little scary at first, but they gave my a warm place to sleep, some blankets to snuggle in, and bottle-fed me while they looked for my foster home.

I moved into my foster home and moms Kim and Sarah raised me along with some big cats and bunnies too.   As soon as I was old enough to be adopted, Mom and Dad brought me home.

 I was their first introduction to the foster program at the Humane Society, and since then, we've shared our home with 125 kittens.

I've made some very special friends because of the Humane Society:  The Deaborns, Bartletts, Easterbrooks, Bouviers, Pettibones, Picketts, Fortunatos, and the Lovejoys just to name a few.   And YOU, of course.  I never would of met any of you if it weren't for the Humane Society.    For this, I am so grateful.  

Because I've been through the foster system, and understand the importance of a good start,  I'm working hard to raise money for all the cats and kittens at The Humane Society.   I'm a firm believer that every single cat and kitten has a purpose and  I want to do all that I can to give them a better start on their journey towards their forever families.   This is MY purpose.

The money we raise will help make a safer, healthier, and more comfortable environment for all the shelter cats and kittens.  It will buy food, litter, beds and even a few sparkle balls too.  It will help connect these cats and kittens with their forever families.

I'm going to make a little donation myself, in honor of all my special friends (that includes you),  in appreciation of the Humane Society who gave me my start in life, and for all those cats and kittens waiting patiently at the shelter to find their forever homes and discover what their destiny is.

Our FUNdraiser  is winding down, so if you were thinking about making a donation, but haven't done so yet, I encourage you to do so today.

Thank you once again for  all the support and the MANY squillions.   We are feeling the love over at the IBKC and appreciate you so much.

Hugs, biscuits, and buddy bumps all around,,
Charlene Butterbean

To make a tax-deductible donation and learn more about the fundraiser, please visit HERE.


  1. You are so right when you say that "every single cat and kitten has a purpose"

    You are so inspiring, Charlene!

    Love, all the kitties in Lancaster Co. PA waiting for their furever homes!

  2. Awwww Bean - so sweet. You are an awesome floofy cat and a true testament to giving back.

  3. We love you Charlene. And what a great reminder that you can find cats of every shape and color and purrsonality at your local shelter!!!

  4. All shelter cats and kittens are as glamorous as you are Charlene!

  5. You are a FURnomenal lady spokescat, Charlene.

    And your Mom and Dad are incredible people for following on with the IBKC to share the roller coaster of fostering with all of us.

  6. Charlene, you and your mom and dad are simply amazing. Thank you for being you and helping out all the foster babies!

  7. Charlene, you may have been a shelter kitty, but you were never a regular ole kitty, shelter or otherwise! You have always had that special je ne sais quoi that all great creatures have of every size and shape. How many shelter kitties have raised $100,000 over the past few years to help their brothers and sisters out? How many shelter kitties have become known around the world because of their ability to love and help raise so many new little shelter kitties?

    No, my dear, you will never convince me that there's anything regular about you (except perhaps your donations to the litter box)! You are a very special girl, even if you don't claim it personally!

  8. Hey Char? I love your story and could hear it over and over again. I also love looking at pictures of wee you "back in the day" and today's medium-sized and totally gorgeous and exotic you. You don't just look glamorous -- you ARE glamorous! Beautiful photographs and beautiful sentiments, girlfriend.

  9. Lita and the boys in MelbourneJuly 12, 2011 at 5:14 PM

    Dear Charlene,
    you are so beautiful! and to see how you've grown from teeny-weeny baby to glorious you makes for warm and fuzzy feelings inside. Blessed be Miss Bean.
    PS: We can't leave comments on Kisses's new blog but we are cheking it every day. In case she was wondering...:)

  10. Charlene looks almost IDENTICAL to my dearly departed Smudge- seal points, blue eyes, white feet, EXACTLY the same- and he was also a fostered stray kitten. I believe there must be some magical confluence of random kitty genetics that creates the Smudges and Charlene Butterbeans of the world.



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