Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Few Things...

First of all,,   don't forget we've got our first naming rights auction going on. You can bid on the rights to give the surname to our new little litter.  It ends in less than 3 hours so don't delay!!    Here's the link to the auction.

Second,,,  Back by popular demand, we're going to be giving a little more time for people to contribute to the fund for Senior Cats.    Earlier, we had a whole day devoted to them, this time it will just be a half day.  You've got from noon until midnight Pacific Time to make a donation and have it count toward this cause.   To learn more about how the money is used, click HERE.    To make a donation, click HERE.

Last of all... Thanks. It's been a long four weeks. Thanks for sticking around through the fundraiser.  I'm sure it might grow tiresome for some of you.   I appreciate your faithfulness and generosity.  We are almost done!  Just one more week!  


  1. Well I can't wait to see your next lil' litter!

  2. The only thing tiresome is I have to keep refreshing the IBKC page to see what the latest happenings are!

    Lovely new kittens...I believe that Miss Charlene will be completely smitten by her new kittens.

  3. Thank you so, so much for bringing back the senior donation! I was devastated when I discovered that it had happened while we were gone on vacation!

    I just had to honor my sisters cat, Cole, who passed away last September at the advanced age of 20. He was SUCH an awesome cat.

    And I also realized that I have two seniors in my household, now. How does that happen? How does the time go so quickly?

    Thanks again!!

  4. I think the most amazing thing you've accomplished, Laurie, is causing so many of us who live a very long way from Tacoma to care so deeply about the cats of your area...not merely those in our own nearby shelters or in our own homes.

  5. never tiresome. only amazing! i am in awe of what you do and raise every year. it's so heartwarming. i just wish i could afford more so i could win tea with the bean.



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