Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dear Departing Dearborns

During the course of just a few hours, all of our Dearborns departed.  First go was Miss Marla.


Julia lost her sweet Siamese to cancer last summer and as you can imagine, it was a  heart-breaking experience.    She had been watching the IBKC for the past few  litters  and finally she decided she was ready to bring home a kitty, so she sent me an email.     Shortly thereafter, an appointment was set and she came with her nephew to meet Miss Marla.

 From the very first second it was so clear that Marla was meant to be hers.     The humans wore huge smiles and Marla purred loudly and looked completely at-ease in their company.     I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight for all parties involved.

Craig nick-named Marla "The Good One".   Not because she was the best kitten in the litter, but because she was always very well-mannered and never, ever naughty.   She loved her siblings, but seemed happiest in the company of us humans and spent many hours curled up on our laps.

As you know, I prefer to send the kittens out in pairs or to homes with other kittens or active cats but we've always felt that Marla would be completely fine going solo.  And it just happened to work out that way.

Julie already emailed to say that Marla has made herself right at home and is already completely adored.



Next to go were Geraldine and Phoebe.

They were adopted by a really wonderful family who like Julia, had lost their big kitty in the past year.  Amy, the mom,  thought it would be best to bring in kittens once school was out so her two boys, Tate and Ryan, could fully enjoy those brief, early kitten days.

I have to say Ryan and Tate made a very good impression on their  visit.  They're very bright boys.   I can tell they'll be taking their roles as kitten care-givers very seriously and those two little girls will be in very good hands.     Tate had already done some research on cats and houseplants, and determined their  Philodendron and Schefflera would have to be relocated because they're not safe for kitten consumption.

Tate told me really liked the name Geraldine.  Bonus points for that comment.

Amy and family just happen  to be the neighbors of Marguerite, director of development at the Humane Society, so we'll be able to keep close tabs on these two!

Amy has already emailed to say the girls are doing really great.   They have had lots of visitors come by to  meet them, and have dazzled every single one of them.



Finally, Sheldon and Pearla left.  I know many of you were hoping they would go together, so I'm sure you're thrilled that they did.

 Carmen adopted the pair.    I could tell from her very first email that  she would make a quality cat owner, so we were excited to meet her.

I think she had fallen for Pearla and her pink nose before she came for a visit, and shortly after she arrived, decided Sheldon would be the perfect mate.

They'll all be living in a townhouse in Seattle lots with windows and lots of room to explore.  They'll be living in the same neighborhood as Marla, too!

They're doing awesome already - here's what Carmen had to say:

Hi Laurie!

I can only say that they are the best!  I have been trying to take some pictures to send your way but they seem to have caught a case of the blurs and anytime they are in motion it's an interesting challenge. I have such appreciation for the pictures you manage to take - hooray for sports mode, huh?

They are settling in great (and so am I!!)  They started playing with toys right away and I get to watch the kitty Olympics every day when they are awake.  You will be happy to know that they excel at wrestling!  They also are so attached to each other - I noticed that they never sleep alone: they are either curled up next to each other or they are somehow touching even if it's just legs.

Pearla is the explorer - she is the first to check out any new space when I open it up to them.  She's purrs less than Sheldon, so when she does I know that she's having a happy day.  She was the first one to come and sit in my lap and fall asleep.  She's got such a sweet face when she looks at you it blows me away

Sheldon was a little shyer at first - but he's not a wallflower by any means.  He is the climber and was the first one to find the partially open window and sat for a good 15 minutes staring out the window on the 3rd floor and smelling the great world outside.  He may get the grumpy look, but he's a big softy and will purr the minute you look at him.  His eyes are just so incredible...

We popped by the vet yesterday just to look at next steps for boosters, etc...everyone is healthy and Sheldon is a chunk at 3 lbs! Pearla weighs in about a half pound behind him.  Everyone said how cute they were and I was hard pressed not to agree that yes, they indeed were the cutest kittens in the history of the universe.


Thank you to all the awesome families that adopted our dear Dearborns.  We're so happy they're with you.   I strongly feel all of these little kitties went to where they were supposed to be.   Five perfect matches.

Hooray for happy endings! 


  1. Although I will miss them, they all found happy forever homes and that is what this is all about, isn't it? That, and they were good fundraisers!

  2. So happy for all.

    Laurie - just quick note re: post. I'm sitting here editing an article (of mine) & I noticed that you put in 'Phoebe' for 'Pearla' in the Sheldon & Pearla find a home graf. Just so ppl are not confuzzled.

    Off to correct my myriad goofs. xoxo

  3. Yahoo, yipee and hurah!!! Pearla and Sheldon together - I am just delighted. While I will miss seeing pics of my little Pearla's pink nose, I can revel in the fact that she will live with her bro in her furever home. Kudos on a job well done Laurie, Craig and Charlene!!! You rock!!!

  4. I'm so glad that the precious Dearborns found good people. It sounds like Sheldon is like my Gus. He takes grumpy face pictures, but is the sweetest fellow ever.
    Thank you for caring for kittens so well, and for sharing them with us.

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! Hooray for happy forever homes!

  6. Oh how wonderful on all counts!! I'm so so happy for all the Dearborns and their new families...!!!

  7. P.S. And what a great e-mail from Carmen... full of all the wonderful details that cat lovers love to know!! :)

  8. Congratulations to all the humans who are lucky enough to bring home the new kitties!

  9. Lovely that they all went to such loving homes.

    I am just so happy that Miss Phoebe was discovered when her angel went back to the site her litter was found. PHEW!!!

  10. Thanks for the update Laurie! And thank you for the detailed e-mail from Carmen.

    I so totally called the ones that paired off. :)

  11. That is amazing!!! What wonderful families and updates....everyone (family and kittens alike) are very lucky to have found each other!

  12. Look at the size of Phoebe's feet! (Phoet?)

    If she ever grows into them paws, Lord help us all!

  13. Thank you for the update. I am so pleased they all found such lovely homes--and I am thrilled that Pearla and Sheldon will be together forever.



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