Friday, July 22, 2011


These past five weeks have been amazing, and when I look at where our total stands, honestly, I can hardly believe my eyes.   We're closing in on $52,000.    I am so proud of us.   We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for caring and giving so much.  It's a remarkable, beautiful thing.   

When I started this blog nearly four years ago, it was just about finding homes for our kittens.  The thought of people outside the Tacoma/Seattle area following the blog never really entered my mind.   

Slowly but surely,  we picked up new readers from around the world, a community started to grow around it, and it started to become something else.    I can hardly believe where we are and what we are today.   

I think for many the IBKC is a bright, happy place to visit each day. It's a quick break from your own reality.  Because of that, I  try hard to keep it light, feel-good, and free of snarky remarks and any negativity. 

On the blog I try to create a genuine and real experience similar to an actual visit with a litter of kittens where you check your baggage at the door, forget your woes, and just witness and enjoy their joy.

I feel like this blog is a place that you can come to and feel a part of.  I know many of you are deeply invested  in the lives of these kittens.  You're  happy when a new litter arrives and you cry when they leave.    

You've connected with people here that share your same passions.  You've made acquaintances, and dear friends too.  

So if you're asking why should I give to a shelter outside my community?  Well, this is your community.     And you're helping the shelter that's in the heart of it.  The animals you are helping, you know.   

Even though we have passed our mighty goal, I'm dedicated to seeing this through to the end, and I'm hoping you'll stick with me. 

I've seen first-hand our money put to work and the good things that have happened because of it.   I know that if we can bring in a little more, we can help that much more.  

I'm not asking any who have given,  to give more.  I would just like to ask those who have been thinking about giving,  and are in a position to give,  to please to give now.     

Big or small,  whatever you can do.   

Every donation matters because when we pool all of our money together, we can do huge things and make big changes.  

As you know, when we're all done with this FUNdraiser,  we'll be raffling off the naming rights to a kitten from our upcoming litter, and one lucky donor will receive this prize.   

 I've decided to sweeten the pot a bit.   

For every squillion that comes in today,  I'll be offering up naming rights to another kitten for the raffle.     

AND to make things sweeter yet,  one VERY lucky donor will be the recipient of this lovely watercolor painting of  Charlene Butterbean by my dear husband, Craig.   It will be matted and framed and ready to hang on your wall!  


Every donation made during the fundraiser  is an entry, and when everything wraps up tomorrow, we'll randomly select our winners, and then announce them on Monday.  

Thank so much for all the love and support.  We'll never be able to fully express how much it means to us.     You are very special people, and I'm grateful to have you in my life.   Thank you for all you do and all that you've given.   Thank you for being here every single day.   You all are awesome. 



Now, one more time.  

To make a tax-deductible donation, please pay a visit to FUNdraising page


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. :*)

  2. Thank YOU, Laurie! My visits to the IBKC blog always brighten my day.

  3. Laurie, thank you for founding a community of love and caring. Indeed, my daily visit here is an oasis, as calming as stroking a kitten on my lap. I appreciate your hard work in fostering such a wonderful cyber-environment!
    I'm heading over to make one more donation. Who'll join me?

  4. What a dear tribute you give to us all!
    But I want to tell you what I was thinking yesterday about why I believe we want to give to this cause either in addition to, or instead of, some other causes. It's just as you said, we have become a community that loves and trusts. I do give to my local shelters, but not in the same way. I love knowing that this money is going where You and Sue and Shana go. I know in my heart that you all would not be a part of something that wasn't working to be the best it can be.
    As John Denver said, "Some days are diamonds, some days are stones". You put a diamond sparkleball in our days.
    XOXO and thank you.

  5. We love stopping here and seeing Charlene and the kittens. You do a wonderful job and we are glad we could help just a little!

  6. Laurie, well, I don't know how to respond to such a gracious post but I am pretty sure we should be the ones thanking you.

    And if I recall correctly, the last painting of The Bean by your talented husband went for almost $2,500, didn't it?

    Can we get to $55 squillion on this payday Friday?

  7. Thank you for such a nice post, Laurie. I'm not going to link to my name because I am embarrassed but you summed up how I feel about the IBKC. I'm really in tears in a damn coffee shop because my phone & internet were shut off. I just do not have a single cent & I had planned to give at least $5.00. I can't even manage that...& anyway, I can't access that on an unsecured network. I hope you will be able to take donations during a better time (for me).

    I so love Craig's artwork of the Bean. I hope he'll do some next year, too.

    xoxo from the sweltering East Coast.

  8. I think we should be thanking you for all you do, Laurie and for sharing your wonderful Bean and kittens with us. Your post has bought me to tears and I will donate again today--from me, from my kitties and for those like S who are also sweltering in this insane East Coast heat and may not have the necessary funds right now.

  9. Laurie, Craig, & the Bean = the BEST! I've loved the IBKC since the first day I visited shortly after you started this blog. I have laughed at kitten antics, cried over Bernadette & Jerry Lee, and marveled at the mother-loving of Charlene and at Laurie's amazing photography skills. This is indeed my community & I am proud to be a supporter of the IBKC!

  10. I'm so glad to be a part of this community. The daily kitten pictures and stories make me smile, and they have far more value to me than I can properly give.

    I know my little contribution is just a drop in the bucket, but I know all those drops come together to form a great river of love, to give back to the shelter, and the cats, kittens, and wonderful volunteers and employees who bring us all so much joy.

    Thank you for all that you do, Laurie, and thank you too, to all my fellow IBKCers out there who make this fundraiser such a success; we couldn't do this without the community!

  11. Brava!! Well said and so sweet. You are amazing. When I think about the amount of work you put into this site and how many peoples' days are made better by your talents, it really floors me. All that AND scooping kitty boxes! The world thanks you! Squee!!

  12. Dear Laurie
    Thank you back! I found you from a post on Cute Overload, which I used to check out every day. I have now switched my allegiance to the IBKC. I am addicted. You are not only a talented cat photographer but also a talented writer and cat namer. Just maintaining the blog must take a lot of your time, not to mention fostering kittens and running your business. Thank you for sharing your time and your family with all of us!

  13. That was very beautiful, thank you. :] And thank you for all the hard work you've done!!!

  14. Congratulations on passing your goal. I'm happy to be part of a community that supports ALL homeless cats. My foster kittens in Indiana applaud your efforts. They are all our babies wherever they live.

  15. $52,000? Awesome! That'll buy a lot of sparkleballs (and food, and medical care...) for the kittehs and puppehs at the HS.

    Way to go for all the donors, and way to go Laurie for organizing all this!

  16. I love the IBKC community, in fact I described how strong and supportive this virtual community has become as a part of my Masters symposium in June.

    I learned that community is not just geography or physical space. That even a virtual gathering of people with common interests in loving and helping 'our' animals.

    We also get so much emotional support here when we encounter the inevitable passing of one our furry charges. These connections have helped me get through some dark times...I know IBKC has done some good even outside of the Tacoma area.

    We all seem to agree, the important thing is that we do something to help the animals including donating time if money is out of the question.

    Remember - Time is a priceless commodity.

  17. "Diamond sparkleball." That's exactly right, Anne! As for last year's exquisite watercolors of the Bean, two of us were high bidders for one of them in particular. The other bidder graciously dropped out and allowed me to win. Unbeknownst to Laurie, I was bidding on it so I could give it to her as a gift, as I knew she was in love with it (and rightfully so - it's a gem). Well, long story sort of short, she wouldn't keep it, so it has pride of place in our home. I know this year's winners will *love* their watercolors, and the winner of the double Bean painting is gonna swoon, too.

    Laurie, Craig, Butterbean + the spirit of Drewey = Community at it's best; love in action.

  18. Um, that comments of Anonymus is a tough one to follow, so I'll just say THANKS right back at cha, Laurie and Co. IBKC brightens my day every day.

    Although I thought is was o.k. to write snarky comments -- I'm sure I've written dozens! Although maybe my definition of snarky is different than Laurie's.

    Anyway, I've given all I can (I'm closer to S.'s situation than I care to think about), but I hope everybody who can give, will give -- at least to some cause they believe in if not this one.

    Cheers to all!

  19. Thank YOU, Laurie (and Craig and Bean and all the itties and the now departed but still much loved Drewey)! Your work in creating and maintaining this blog has made it such a warm, loving place to visit. And the warmth is increased by the fact that we don't just look at the babies, but can actively support them and the other kitties!

    For S, who has no funds, as someone else suggested, why don't you donate some of your time to a shelter in your area? There are more ways to help than just financial, and your time is one of the most appreciated gifts at most shelters, I suspect!

    I can't wait to find out what the rest of the kitties' names are!

  20. This is the only place on the Internet I have found where the posts and comments are overwhelmingly positive and supportive and even the very rare disagreements are handled with politeness and tact. That makes it my favorite place and I do feel part of a community - and that is due to you, Laurie, and the tone you set. Blessings to you, Craig (by the way, never realized he was such a talented painter!), Charlene, Drewey, the itty-bitties, and everyone who comes here. Now, since I just got my first "real" job in three years, I'm off to donate a bit more in celebration. (Hugs to you S, and hang in there - it WILL get better.)

  21. Thank you for letting us be a part of the Community. And giving us kittens.

    However, we don't want to check our baggage at the door. We want to bring it in, in the hopes of sneaking a kitten out with us.


    You may want to ask the Humane Society about renaming their "Dog-a-Thon"... We cat people seem to be doing a lot.

  22. This whole post had me weepy before I even got through the first paragraph. I love the IBKC and I especially love FUNdraiser time! I get so excited to check in every day (sometimes multiple times a day) to see how the donations are doing and how close we are to the goal. It really is one of the best parts of my day.

    I wasn't able to donate last year because I had lost my job and I remember how awful I felt, wanting to help, but not being able to. So, S, I went back today and donated another $5.00 for you. I hope you get back on your financial feet soon and enjoy the kitties in the meantime!

  23. Ya know, you never know how your donations will end up coming back around to you. A year or two ago, Laurie posted about the East Bay Humane Society: the shelter had caught fire on a Sunday night, and many of their animals were unable to be rescued; in addition, they lost a huge portion of their medical & kennel facilities. Laurie linked to their donation page, and I gave some money to their relief fund, even though I had no connection to that community at all. Flash forward: tomorrow I am moving to Oakland, and planning to adopt another kitty in the near future. I'm sure he/she will come from the East Bay HS. Turns out my donation will, in fact, affect me IRL.

    You get what you give. The more we give, the bigger our hearts become.

  24. This blog has inspired me to help kittens/cats where I live in the southeast. Just today another kitten found a great home. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  25. Kelly, your post just made me cry too! What a gracious and generous thing to do for S and ultimately for the kitties. xo

  26. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this blog. I love stopping by for a visit!

  27. We love you Laurie!

    It's wonderful fosters like you that put kibble in the bowls and a roof over the heads of all the little kitties I wish I could help!

    Even if it's just a little, it was my pleasure and privilege to give to your FUNdraiser.

    Much love from Texas,


  28. I'm going to throw another donation in the pot today for S and for everyone who can't give this year.
    Hey,"anonymous", I know who you are and it was so exciting to watch your generosity and you-know-who-else's last year over the painting. You two are terrific!
    Here's to another squillion or so. (And I hope the bar doesn't get raised too much higher next year!)

  29. This is my favorite blog-BECAUSE it makes me smile, is always amusing and positive-we all have enough of that other stuff already!Love all the kitties, and love all your hard work.

  30. I wanted to join the chorus of thank you - for both the amazing job that Laurie, Craig and Geraldine do to all the people who donate so they can keep doing it.

    Sheldon and Pearla have made me smile every day since they popped their noses out of that carrier and started swatting at the ball in the tube (they will get it out, they swear!) and I already can't imagine my house without them.

  31. No, thank you Laurie. Even though I lurk more than I post IBKC has become one of my online hangouts. Every morning when I fire up the computer this is one of my first stops, and I make many visits throughout the day.

    You have succeeded in making this place a warm and positive respite from all the other Internet (and real life) craziness, and because of that you have people of all different ages, races, religions, and political affiliations happily coexisting over their shared love of kittens (and the occasional guest non-feline critter). That truly is an accomplishment.

    Congratulations on another successful IBKC fundraiser. You, Craig and Ms. Bean are the best.


  32. Like Anne, I'm going to throw another donation in the pot (will have to be by Paypal, sorry) for all those like S. who can't donate. It's not much, but it's something.

    Being one of the snarky people who frequently has to curb herself and has been deleted more than once, the explanation made me smile. Everyone should have their warm fuzzy to run to, if they want one.

  33. I've donated twice to this year's FUNdraiser, both times in memory of a friend's elderly cats who died within weeks of each other. It's wonderful to see the goal bypassed by so much!

    As well as this community, we regularly donate to a number of other kitty organizations as well as sponsoring the Rabbit Room (aka The Briar Patch) at our local county shelter. It's a great feeling and a privilege to be able to help so many critters in so many places.

    Love & loud purring to the Bean and to all of you!

  34. I just followed the link from your name, Carmen, and looked at your new photos of Pearla and Sheldon -- you will have my envy forever for adopting those two! Of course, I envy every single adopter on here.

    And those of you who donated for S and others like her who can't, you've put me to shame. I'm going to make one more donation, too, for her. Someday, S, you'll be in a position to pay it forward and toss a bit extra in for someone else who can't help out right then; in the meantime, enjoy the kitties and don't feel bad that life has temporarily gotten in the way of you contributing this year!

  35. This post and all of the comments make me smile. Thanks friends!

  36. Thank you so much for what you do!
    I am addicted to IBKC, I love the pictures you take and your comments.
    Everyday I come from home work, the first thing I do is check your blog. It just makes me happy.
    Your BIG fan from Germany.

  37. I love this blog, I enjoy it daily, so I did a last-minute donation. Keep up the good work! Best wishes from the Netherlands.



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