Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Anderson-Erickson Alumni Update!

Perhaps you remember these two tiny tots, Clement and Bernice. Well, they are nearly all grown up now!



Bernice now goes by Bea, and Clement is Iggy, short for Ignatius.

Kris, their mama, was kind enough to share a few pictures with us and tell us a little bit about what they've been up too. Here is what she had to say:

We are enjoying our kittens so much. Ignatius is a "water cat" who cannot resist running to a flowing faucet and drinking out of it. We run water for him in two sinks, which keeps him out of the kitchen sink. Beatrice loves to run through any door that has just opened, so we've given her "open door" time in two closets that she loves to explore. Both Bea and Iggy love to sit in my lap, which creates logistical problems when they're both there. So Iggy has chosen lap time when I'm at my computer or sitting at the kitchen table, and Bea's time is when I'm sitting in the living room. Who knows how they decided this -- it's so cute!!

Christmas Cats 2010 023

Christmas Cats 2010 021

Christmas Cats 2010 020

Christmas Cats 2010 015

Christmas Cats 2010 002

Christmas Cats 2010 022

Thanks so much, Kris! It was so great catching up with Bea and Iggy! What lovely cats they've become!

I've got another alumni update to share with you tomorrow... two more Anderson-Ericksons!

Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. omg...Bea in the tree...hilarious. Thanks for the update Kris! And welcome home Laurie!

  2. Whoa, leaping Bea! I don't think I want to know how she got on top of that bookshelf!

  3. Whoops! That's Iggy on the shelf isn't it? Silly boy.

  4. Ha! Love the "lasers on" picture. What sweet cats they've grown up to be! Of course, it's because of the great start they got in life at the IBKC.

  5. Man,I so love updates. I love all the babies, but little Bea got the best of me, what with the fish hook in the lip story. So, so happy to see her and her brother happy and healthy! Thanks, Kris!

  6. Very nice of their parents to put little kitty mattresses on the dining table!

    These two look so happy and grown up!
    Thanks to Kris for sharing pictures of "our" A-E babies!

    I agree with oohlook, HOW????
    Maybe kitties DO have control of gravity!!!

  7. The laser beams in the last pic are hilarious!

  8. those updates! It is so fun to see "our" babies grow up....

  9. Both Bea and Iggy are growing up to be such sassy little cats -- Bea on the bookcase! Iggy on the table! (I'm kind of relieved to think I'm not the only ones who might look the other way when cats invade the tabletops...) They are obviously very loved and found just the right furr-ever home.

  10. Great photos of healthy and happy cats with laser beams on high! Yay!!

    When my cats were young, they were prodigious jumpers - Fuzz would jump to the top of my big shelf from the floor and Sweetpea would jump from the floor to the top of doors. Looks like Iggy is like that, too.

    (Fuzz is 16 y.o., but he can still make it to the top of my lower shelf from the floor.)

  11. Oh My Cat! It took me some time to figure out the last picture - and then I laughed so hard I woke my kitty up! Yes, looks like Bea and Iggy picked out the absolutely most perfect home for them! Thanks for the update!

  12. They're HUGE! What is she feeding them, radioactive waste? Must be, what with the glowing eyes in the last picture. :)

  13. I have an Aunt Beatrice! This Bea's face is just so darn CUTE!

  14. Awww, Bea is such a lovely little lady! And how much do I love Iggy's lasers?! Thanks for the update, Kris!

  15. I too love the updates! They are so cute as kittens and so gorgeous as cats!

  16. Ahh what lovely pictures, they look so happy.



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