Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And ANOTHER Anderson-Erickson Update!

As promised, here's another Anderson-Erickson update. Today we have Emory (but you can call him Em) and Ferris (who answers to Fen).

First, let's take a look at them as little lads.

Here's Em.

Emory Anderson-Erickson

And here's Fen.


Now here they are today... happy, healthy little gentlemen.


These lucky cats and their parents, Erin and Erik, just moved into a new apartment. Take a look at their view. Not bad, eh?


Just like all their siblings, the boys are close, and constant companions. They spend every waking and sleeping moment together.


They have their naughty moments too.


Of course they do, they're still kittens after all.

Thanks Erin, for sharing pictures of your beautiful boys with us! It's SO good to see them again!

I'll wrap up this last Anderson-Erickson update with one last picture. Here's the whole clan when they were itty-bitties.

The Anderson-Ericksons

From left to right... Louise, Bernice, Ambrose, Ferris, Emory and Clement.

Dang, that's an adorable family! It makes me itch for more kittens. Soon,,, we're at the top of the list.

The second they arrive, we'll let you know.


  1. I absolutly LOVE the 'tocks hanging of the climbing tower in the 4th picture. They look like my little man Vash. I big fat puffy sparkly heart tuxes!

  2. Not only are they gorgeous, and obviously spoiled rotten, their tails are phenomenal!

  3. Em and Fen look absolutely contented. And so handsome! I love that "picture of two tails" too! So happy for them and their family!

  4. What a view! The brothers must always have something entertaining to look at when they aren't asleep in their tree.

  5. I love how they are smushed together on one platform of the tree when there are plenty of other platforms open! They must be the biggest cuddlebunnies on the planet!

  6. Oh I've missed the A-Es!!! I just LOVE tuxes. I lost my baby Oreo (only 5 yrs old) last April and still miss her.

    Em and Fen are amazing. Such gorgeous babies.

  7. Adorable but it is driving me crazy that I can not tell them apart by their pictures. I am sure they are identifiable in person.

  8. They grew into their whiskers!

  9. They are TOO cute napping together. And what naughty little fellas. That toilet paper pic is precious.

  10. Love that these two remain so close. Nice view from a nice cat condo. What a lucky family!

  11. They are so adorable! And wow, what a view! I'm so glad those boys are happy, healthy and naughty. Thanks for the update!

  12. So sleek and shiny! What gorgeous gentlemen they have become.

  13. Awwwww .. how lovely to know these little ones are so loved in their noo home. Purrs.

  14. it's astounding, but those boys actually got cuter with age!

  15. The first 'big boy' photo is adorable and hilarious. It's both "mitosis, let me show you it" and "my toeses, let me show you them."

  16. I laughed out loud at the photo of them flopped over the kitty post!

  17. Thanks, Erin & Erik!!! I have no clue how you tell them apart -- Do you call them "the twins"?

  18. Holy smokes that was a cute family!! Love the update and hearing how well the boys are doing!!

  19. We are indeed lucky to have our boys. They are our cute, funny, lovable, adorable clowns. A day does not go by without a Fen and Em adventure in our home.

    In answer to the question of how we tell them apart, it is all in the toes and ears. Fen has one paw with 2 and 1/2 sugar toes and pointier ears and Em has full mitts on all his paws (some longer than others!) and rounder ears.

    Both boys are a hoot and quite the "talkers". They, like their siblings, love the sound and motion of running water. They had such a great start with Laurie and we are reaping the rewards by having 2 very social kittens who love anyone willing to pet and play with them.

    ...and one last bit, their tails always point the direction in which they are going!




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