Friday, October 15, 2010

Thank Goodness, You're Home

OH my, we missed Lambert today. And he missed us too. The second he stepped out of his carrier this afternoon, he was rubbing his buff little body against everything and everyone.

He chirped and purred and told us all about his day. He challenged a sleepy Irving to a wrestling match. He ate a heaping helping of kitten crunchies.

Now, he has settled down on the window ledge and is soaking in the last of the afternoon sunshine.

And we'll be soaking in the last of Lambert as we get ready to say goodbye to our little lamb on Sunday. Sigh.



  1. I love that photo! Little Lambert looks so pensive and sweet.

  2. I want to kiss little Lam's nose :) What a sweetheart!

  3. Such a sweetie (sniff)... it must take a few million goodbyes to get used to it, right?

  4. But you've only had him for a week? Two?

  5. Say it isn't so! But I'm so happy he's over the snip and back with you for now.

  6. Ah -- I've been busy. But still, it really does seem that this little batch of lovelies has had a very short stay!

  7. Laurie - You and Craig have to stop feeding them so well!!!

    They barely get out of quarantine and they disappear...whassup with that??? Beanie is barely getting in any grooming!

    just kidding, I know they have to move on...but but but...

  8. I know I say this far too often, but I am REALLY going to miss Lambert and his hi jinks. I hope his forever home will be active members of tIBKC Alumni group!

  9. Awww, we missed you too, sweetie! So glad you are OK!

  10. This precious Lamb(ert) could not be any more precious. Seriously. The laws of physics just would not allow it.

    I'll be sorry to see him go, and sure hope we'll hear from his family-to-be as he grows up.

  11. Ohhhh!!!! I can't get over how lovely this picture is... and bittersweet!! It's so sad when these babies go, but it's so wonderful that these babies get to go. Well, I'm getting all choked up now... can't help it.. sniff!

  12. happy when babies come home from the vet safe and sad to see them go. But how lovely that a special home awaits! So many mixed kitty emotions!

  13. Already? He really has been growing by leaps and bounds, as the videos of Leaping Lambert show!

  14. May I put in a request for some extra Lambie pics of his last few days with you? He's such a little bouncy ball of fur! Every time I watch the videos, I think about the Tigger Song, which I have adapted for our special guy:

    A wonderful thing is a Lambert;
    A Lambert's a wonderful thing.
    His top is made out of rubber,
    His bottom is made out of spring
    He's bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy,
    fun, fun, fun, fun, fun,
    The most wonderful thing
    about Lambert is:
    He's the only one!

  15. What a beautiful photo of little Lambert! Does he know how sweet he is? I hope his new home tells him so very often.

  16. what?? what happened? is it time to go to their forever homes already. that is just not possible!

  17. What a gorgeous photo of Lambert.
    I'm so going to miss him, but at the same time am so glad that he's got a wonderful forever home waiting for him. Good luck on your journey Little One. We love you.

  18. I'm so happy for the lovely Lambert but a little part of me is sad he's going so soon. :( But positive thoughts must prevail! Yay for having a happy home waiting for ya buddy. <3



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