Friday, October 15, 2010

A Box Full of Babies







Where's Lambert, you ask? Is he on the lam?

Well, today's a big day for him. He crossed the two pound mark, and he's off getting snipped. Yes, he'll be leaving us VERY soon. I'll fill you in on all the details later, but I will tell you he's found a pretty special home with a family you've met before.

The others aren't two pounds yet, so don't fret, we'll still have a couple of weeks with them before they are ready go.

Even though the Lively Bunch were a tiny bunch when they moved in, they've been a very healthy litter. They are all eating well and growing fast, so they will be short-timers compared to other litters.

Like I said,, we've still got a couple of weeks left before we say good-bye,,, so let's enjoy the time we have left with our beautiful babes.


  1. Absolutely impossible to choose one favorite from among this Lively litter.

  2. Wait a minute! Aren't they an even number group? Not 2 and 2???? :(

  3. Oh those bright eyes! And I bet Lambert's weight is all about those muscles he developed while jumping about. Hooray for his forever family.

  4. oh no! goodbye, little guy. even though you're a big guy already.

  5. That was fast! It's great to see happy and healthy kitties tho :) I bet his new home is fantastic! (when he goes that is!)

  6. Leapin' Lambert ready to bounce about a new home ... too soon for me, but absolutely wonderful for him.

    Please be kind enough to throw an appropriate amount of kitten food in the box, make some air holes, and express the contents to me on the east coast.

  7. How is it possible he's so big already!!! I can't wait to see who his new family is though :)

  8. Awwww, mummy says she'd love to have a box of those prrrrr

  9. omg Fiona in those first two--

    #1: I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMew...

    #2: I SAID I'M READY FOR MY-- hey, what's over there?

  10. You take the most exquisite pictures of kitties that I've ever seen. Of course it helps that you have such beautiful subjects but still ... I can only aspire to take such wonderful shots.

    I hope to God you never get a Flame Point Siamese in because then I will be doomed.

  11. Awwww... You can mail that box right over to me;-) Too cute! Super photos, too!

  12. Box 'em up, Ship 'em out, Rawhide! Okay, I'm dating myself, but I couldn't help it. They look so dang *cute* in that box!

    As for Lambert, it's the usual bittersweetness. So very glad for him, sorry for us. Waiting anxiously to hear who the wonderful family is who's adopting him. (I have a hunch who it is. :x)

  13. I'll sign for that package too! They are beyond adorable. Can't wait to find out who is adopting Leapin' Lambert! It's funny, I was under the impression that Irving and Truman were the bigger ones.

  14. Is there anything sweeter than a kitten's upturned, inquisitive gaze? I think not.



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