Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Edith and Roland get Rollin'




SO, yes. Edith and Roland departed together this weekend. They're now a part of a very nice, kitten-loving family which includes a six year old little girl and a big sister kitty too.

And when I say big, I mean BIG! Roo is 27 pounds. That's about 2.5 Charlenes. I've seen a pictures, and she's one floofy gal!

Add Roland and Edith to the mix and that's one very hairy kitty family!

Their new mom, Teresa, reports that the kittens are doing very well, are comfortable in their new surroundings, and the family is falling in love with them.

They'll be introduced to Roo in small doses. Most likely it will be a larger adjustment for her. Edith and Roland, are of course used to big floofy girl kitties.

During their last days with us, Edith and Roland we're giving full run of our house, day and night. They were pretty integrated into our lives, and we'll sure miss them.

I need a few days to recover from a long stretch of big litters and get things back in order. I've got to do some floor scrubbing and laundry too.

We'll have a new litter shortly, I'm sure. It may be before this week is out, it may be next week. We'll just have to wait and see what the Humane Society has to offer.

Until then, I'll have some alumni updates to share with you. Maybe we'll have some bean-cam footage too. We'll see.


So long little kittens. I want only good reports from your new mom. Please be kind to your new sister.



  1. How wonderful! Little Edith looks so grown up in that last picture.

    Such floof. So happy.

  2. Oh thanks for all the lovely images. Having lost my last kitty in Feb to liver failure at 17, and now living where I cannot have a pet, I so appreciate your care and loving photos of these floofy beings.

    May I Vote for Bean-Cam vids? Please.

  3. Yes! More Bean-Cam footage!

    Enjoy your rest, Laurie, I am sure you guys could use a day or two off. On the other hand, I can't wait for a new litter...

  4. Another wonderful, happy ending! (even if I am tearing up a bit). Take care, little ones, and don't gang up on your big sister! Hugs to all!

  5. Wonderful! A home full of floof! I do hope we'll have photos occasionally as these floofy darlins grow up.

    Another vote for Bean Cam (but does she ever wear it around kittens? That would be cute!)

  6. That's so wonderful they are going to a home with cats already.
    Is there any chance that Teresa would send a picture of the kittens next to Roo? I have had my share of big cats, but (15-18 lbs) not 27 lbs worth!

    Can't wait for the next litter!

  7. Every time I see the phrase Bean Cam I get "Bean Cam, Bean Cam, Party Time, Excellent" (to the tune of Waynes World song) stuck in my head

  8. Edith looks so absolutely ladylike in that first picture, with her tail curled just so over her toes.

  9. I think Edith was my fav IBK of all time. I shall miss seeing her sweet face.

  10. i see they take their kitteh duties very seriously.

  11. Aww... I'm sure they'll do great with their new family. Think, between three floofy kitties, their new mom's going to need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner though, if she hasn't already!

    Enjoy your - very well deserved - break from kitten wrangling. :)

  12. Those tail-curled-around-toes pictures slay me. So keyoot!

  13. Happy homecoming, little ones! And, Laurie, updates are great, Beancam is great, whatever you need to do to relax in the interim is great!

  14. Goodbye, little Edith and Roland! Don't terrorise your big sister Roo too much! :P

  15. Oh my goodness....so much cute....I NEED both bean-cam and alumni pix....

    I lost my Toes kitty to kidney failure yesterday. Marbles kitty, Everest a Summit assistance Dogs foster puppy and I are "adjusting". I miss Toes terribly, but I have fulfilled my promise to her when she was first diagnosed 18 months ago....

  16. KatBoxJanitor, I'm so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you, and I hope the IBKC community can be some comfort for you and your family.

  17. Have fun in your new home...you two are so darn sweet and I am so glad you are out there together...
    Love you,

  18. Katboxjanitor, I am very sorry for your loss. Love the photos of Edith and Roland. Have fun kitties with you new family.

  19. Love and Luck to the little ones in their noo forever home.

  20. Edith is my favourite IBK too! She's so beautiful and fluffy. Roland is lovely too. The family who's adopting them is very lucky and must have lots of wonderful floofy kitty snuggles ahead of them!

  21. Edith looks like such a perfect little lady, indeed! And Roland looks like a perfect floofy gentleman. Congrats to the whole family! Have a great life, sweethearts!

    And yes, Laurie, enjoy your much-needed break! That was what, 4 litters of 5 or 6 kittens in a row? Yowza! They may be super-cute, but they can be a lot of work!



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