Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh, Joy!



Joy was living down in California, and was introduced to the IBKC by a friend. She's been a faithful follower ever since.

Fast forward a few months, and Joy lands herself a job in Tacoma, and moves up the coast. She's settled into her new apartment and new life and now, it's time for kittens! And yes, the IBKC is just happened to be in her new town, so she gave us a call!

She's quite excited to be mama to her two brand new baby kitties, Camille and Betty! She has been a kitty lover for a very long time, but because her siblings were allergic to cats, she could never have on as a child.

Joy is sweet and kind, and I know she'll giver the girls a wonderful life. They are living in an apartment on the edge of a lovely park and have a wonderful view of a bounty of birds and squirrels.





Joy sent me an email and said the girls are doing well. After just ten minutes of exploring their new place, they settled down starting purring and cuddling. It sounds like they're feeling right at home.


  1. Congrats to Joy on her beautiful girls!

  2. Congrats to Joy. The babies look a little bit sad in their going away collars. Going to miss Charlene Butterbean et al?

    But so, happy to hear how they settled in so quickly!

  3. What a wonderful way to begin life in Tacoma!
    Just thinking how truly little these kittens are when their gold tags appear to be Olympic medal sized.

  4. Marlene, it is always a little odd to see them in collars since they live as nudists with Charlene and Laurie. I also gives perspective to how small they (still) are!

  5. Joy has hit the jackpot, and it looks as if Camille and Betty June did too!

  6. Such beautiful kitties! Glad to hear they are settling in well, Joy - please think about sending pictures now and again - as an IBKC follower, you know how alumni pictures are received!!!

  7. What a beautiful pair they make - they really look like the same cat with different paint jobs.

  8. I love the second photo--kittens look like they're trying so hard to answer a tricky question.

    Oh, and I love the comment about the tags looking like gold medals. After all, they have won!

  9. It's a good thing someone scooped little Camille up. I was considering a move just so I could adopt her! ;)

  10. "they really look like the same cat with different paint jobs " melissa, i couldn't have said it better myself! they have the exact same BEAUTIFUL eyes and eye shape, and noses too.. they are so gosh darn cute, they almost don't even look like real kittens! good luck in your new home tiny kitties <3

  11. Oh, Joy, indeed! What a lucky lady you are! Betty and Camille are so adorable. I'm going to miss all the Suprenant girls so much - they really captured my heart from the very start.

    Best of luck and a happy life to the little family!

  12. Hmmm...which came first, Joy?

    The job in Tacoma or the "Gotta Get an Itty Bitty in my house"?????

    Hmmm - whichever, its a wonderful thing and thanks for 'dopting these beauties.

  13. Oh I'm going to miss Camille so very much - she stole my heart. I hope she, and all the rest of the wonderful kitties, has a long and happy life. =)



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