Monday, August 2, 2010

Goodbye Girls



The kitten population in our house has drastically decreased. In the past few days, we've said to goodbye to two pairs, and now just Ve Ching remains.

First to go, were Miss Biscuit and Marie-Noire.

For quite some time, Molly had been following the IBKC. She was wanting to adopt a pair of kittens, but was waiting to finish up college and do a little traveling before committing to a pair.

When she was ready, Molly , who just happens to be the twin sister of Claire, who adopted Thelma and Ridley Lyttleton, sent me an email introducing herself. She came down to meet the girls shortly after they moved in with us. Even though she had her eyes on another pair, she ended up choosing Biscuit and Marie-Noire. As you can see, Biscuit worked her magic, and Charmed Miss Molly immediately.


Molly waited patiently for her kittens to grow. As soon as they hit two pounds, off they went for surgery, then off they went to Molly.



She's sent me an update already. The girls settled in fast, and everyone is happy and doing well. There's lots of kitten antics and neck nuzzling going on.

So, I guess technically, Biscuit and Marie-Noire and now cousins to Ridley and Thelma. Yay for kitty cousins!

And YAY for happy kittens and happy adopters!!


  1. Yay!

    They look so grown-up, with their collars and tags.

  2. Little Biscuit is sooo cute! Her markings are so striking. Happy day for both her and Marie!

  3. I love seeing the kittens in their graduation regalia!

  4. They look so adorable in their going away collars and tags! I guess it is indeed their graduation regalia! Have happy lives, sweet little girls! Please write!

  5. hmm. Marie seems un -amused with her giant yellow tag.
    maybe she thinks it clashes with her eyes?
    i'm so glad to see they got a wonderful home.
    is there someone in the running for Ve?

  6. Awww, so adorable! Congratulations to the happy little family!

    I hope poor tiny Miss V isn't missing her sisters too much.

  7. LOL @ Marie-Noire...she is like a little sneaky statue in so many of her pictures, it cracks me up. I hope we continue to get updates as this pair grow up. They are lovely!!

  8. The headline reminded me of the song The Goodbye Girl (those of you under 30 can skip this message) The last lines of the lyrics?

    "So forget your past, my goodbye girl,
    because you are home at last!"

    Now Biscuit and Marie-Noire are home at last - but they will never forget the great time they had at IBKC!

  9. Thanks so much for the placement update. I'm so glad they could go home together! They are adorable in their necklaces -- although like Scooter above, I think Marie-Noire would have preferred something else -- perhaps a string of pearls.

  10. aww great news, it's always great to hear back when they are in their new homes, sort of makes it all complete

  11. Yay for them and their new mommy! They look very happy together.

    I came to the site today for some cheering up as my, uh, kitty sister [my parents' cat] broke her leg and is undergoing surgery today. Please keep fingers and paws crossed that she comes through this ok. Poor little thing, she's had a bad couple of days...hoping it all works out.

  12. Healing purrs for your kitty sister, Dana... hope she's back home, recovering well, and holding court on her favorite couch/chair/whatever before you know it.

  13. Crossing my fingers for your kitty sister Dana. :)

    Aww just look at those lovely babies. <3

    Laurie, how's Ve Ching handling being by herself?

  14. I think Biscuit has a whole lot of kitty magic! Can wait to see update photos of the two.

    P.S. When someone adopts a long-hair couple, do they get a complementary lint roller?

  15. SylvestermiasmommaAugust 2, 2010 at 2:18 PM

    Yay for forever homes for Biscuit and Marie-Noire. Hope someone comes for Ve Ching soon. Is she having fun with Miss Bean?

  16. I like the way the last few photos show such a difference in personalities -- Biscuit seems to be saying, "What's over THERE?!?" while Marie-Noire is NOT AMUSED by this yellow tag business.

  17. That's good to know. It's great when the kittens find their new homes. Best of luck to all of them. Especially for Ve Ching who needs an extra special home for being last.

  18. What beautiful girls! They are absolutely adorable in their collars. :)

  19. Little beauties....farewell, girls.


    @Dana, hope your kitty sister recovers well.

  20. Thanks y'all. I just heard from my mom that she came through ok and the vet was pleased with how the surgery turned out. They hope she'll be home tomorrow.



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