Saturday, July 17, 2010

ANOTHER Matching Challenge!!

That's right, we've got another matching challenge from our dear friend, Cynthia!  

She will be matching all of our donations, until they reach $1000. So for every dollar we donate, she'll be donating a dollar too!!

Here's a chance to double your dollars and help turn ONE squillion into TWO squillion!! The challenge runs until Six PM Pacific Time, so that gives us five  hours to make it happen. I know we can do it. With our first challenge, we did it in just about an hour.

Thank you, Cynthia! Thanks so much EVERYONE for caring and giving so much. Our money pooled together will do some incredible things for cats and kittens!

OK, let's put those kittens to work and double that squillion!!!
To make a donation, click HERE.


  1. Cynthia is so wonderful!
    I just brought my first two fosters to their forever home and miss them even though I am so happy for them.
    what better perk up than to donate in their honor.
    Heading there now. Come on, folks!

  2. Just evened up the number, and I don't even have on socks with cats. I DO have Beatrix on my lap and she says she wants everyone to GIVE!
    Cynthia, you are the IBKC patron saint!

  3. Laurie, you really should enter this Best Pet Parent contest over at Petfinder

    Grand prize of $10,000 towards your favourite charity or shelter :) I couldn't think of someone who deserves to win as much as you!

  4. Sorry, Anne, I unevened it up to show off that incredibly generous $1.05, well, the .05 part anyway.

  5. My Sweet 16 year old is celebrating her birthday right now and, she asked for cash donations instead of presents!!! I know she is looking forward to donate later tonight! Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to donate to something she loves!! IBKC!!! We love you all so much!

    Jenna Van Dyke Family
    Yeah! Jenna is 16!

  6. Happy Birthday to Jenna's daughter!
    And many purry thanks!

    And thanks Cynthia for all the support, you do your last name credit!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jenna. The kitties send their love, and we all say thank you!! xoxo

  8. Oh, drat! Signed on too late. Hope you made the matching challenge! Cynthia, you are the bestest!!! :-)

  9. Hey Laurie,

    So glad I got my donation in with the matching! I just have one itty bitty favor to ask... My cats' names are Monster & Henry and I see them in the list to the right as Moster & Henry. If it's not too much trouble, could you spare an "n" for my big kitty? Henry's all making fun of him and stuff, you know "I have an 'n', youuuuuu don't," and pretty soon a rumble's going to break out. Most likely on the bed at 4am. :-)

    Thanks! Monster & Henry's sleepy mom :-D



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