Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gone to the Dogs...

Well, Dog-A-Thon was a whole lot of fun. A huge variety of people and pooches showed up for the event.

I heard lots of nice words from the HS folks. Everyone was SO excited about all the money we raised during our fundraiser. The event brought in $152,000 and as you know, a HUGE chunk of that came from us!!!

I met up with Team IBKC and some other friends from the kitty community and we all did the walk together. Sarah and Shana walked Princess and Tank, a couple of adoptable dogs from the HS. Sue walked HS Director Kathleen's dog. It was quite a scene. Just a few feet into the walk, leashes were tangled and Sue was carrying her dog. What can I say, we're cat people.

I brought my camera, but got distracted, and didn't get a ton of photos. Here are a few to help illustrate the spirit of the day.




This is Sarah's dog for a day, Princess.


And here's Shana and Tank.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow... I'll be announcing our raffle winners, HOORAY! And,, I'll fill you in on a few fundraising stats.


  1. OKAY, Laurie - one day a year we can have dog photos.
    Kidding - I love seeing these babies! What fun the walk must have been!

  2. Wow that is just great that they did so well with the dogathon! And it is extra cool that a big chunk of that is IBKC fundraising!!

  3. More great news ~ Princess & Tank (along with all the other shelter dogs at the event) were adopted that day ~ not one of them returned to the shelter! Woo Hoo!!!

  4. Yay! for doggy adoptions! This is a great event. I'm already looking forward to next year :D

  5. Awww, Tank has such a floofy floppy tail! I love those kinds of doggie tails. :) He looks like he'd love lots of hugs, and would go with you anywhere.

  6. When do you get Cat a thon?
    I know the cats wouldn't want to walk but could you have nice party some place. Dinner, dancing, and everyone brings a cat or 3. You could call it the Fur Ball.

  7. *Heehee* The Fur Ball! I LOVE IT! I would pay to go to an event like that.

  8. Furball! That is an excellent idea. In the California Bay Area, we have a Purrcasso art event for the Berkeley Humane Society. People donate cat art, the art is auctioned off and the proceeds go to the Humane Society.

  9. Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville (near Seattle) has a Furball every year ~ it's their BIG fundraiser. Very clever!

  10. Shana! Thank you for that update! I am so excited to hear those furbabies were adopted. That does a heart good!

    Yes, I am a cat person. But if I had a bigger place, I'd be just like Ellie May Clampet and have me a whole mess of critters.

    May I just say that I love the IBKC? Love.

  11. Wow!!! I went out of town & offline and returned to how many posts?? whoa, Laurie! You done good.

    You might want to suggest that the Humane Society now give kitties equal billing. Dog-a-thon. . . How bout Purrmania!

  12. I am an all-around animal person. I love kitties and doggies equally, just differently, because a human-dog relationship is very different from a human-cat one! And I like pretty much any other animals you can think of too.

    I'm so happy they were adopted! Such pretty pups!

  13. Isn't this just the *best* news!? And I love the part about you not getting many pics, and Sue carrying her pup of the day. Cat folks, indeed. :)

  14. I'm a cat person too, 100 %. I've never had a dog and wouldn't even know how to take care of one. But I'm so glad all the pups had a fun time and found their forever homes! Yay!



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