Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dog-A-Thon Wrap-Up!

I just got done crunching some numbers and as it stands, TEAM IBKC has brought in a whopping $48,734.05 (this include money donated online to all team members, online auctions, and offline donations I collected from friends and family) There were a total of 880 donations. The average donation online was $42.59, which is up about $10 from last year!

During our fundraiser, we had three "devoted" days. One for The Senior Cat Medical Fund, one for the Foster Program, and one for Spay and Neuter programs. Here are the total amounts raised for each of these days.

Senior Cats Med Fund (Drewey's Fund)= $3095
Foster Program = $3185
Spay and Neuter Programs = $3344

I used a random number generator to determine our raffle winners. We're giving away prizes to TWO lucky winers. Both will receive naming rights to an Itty Bitty Kitty from our next litter and an assortment of IBKC cards.

And the winners are... drum roll please.......

Lorelle Mill


Marcia Davidson

If you two could kindly shoot me an email at and let me know what your mailing address is, I can mail off your cards. As soon as the next litter arrives, you will be assigned your kitten to name.

Thanks again to everyone for making this fundraiser such a HUGE success. I'm going to keep the Firstgiving counter up for a little while longer just so I can marvel at that number a little while longer. Also, a couple of you emailed to say you wanted to make a donation still, but needed to wait until the first of the month to do so.

This fundraising put me a little behind on life, so posting may be light while I play catch-up.

Thanks, friends.



  1. Wow how awesome that is! And congrats to the winners - you are very lucky to get to name an IBKC kitty!

  2. Just amazing! And I echo Amy's congratulations to Lorelle and Marcia.

  3. Tears of amazement and joy, absolute JOY, are rolling down my face right now. I can't tell you how incredibly fortunate I feel to be a part of such a loving, giving community headed by our talented and creative Laurie (who also knows a thing or two about loving and giving!).

    I actually did a finger drum roll on my laptop for the naming rights raffle winners. It'll be fun to learn what names they choose for the future itty bittys. But first I sincerely hope our Laurie takes a very well-deserved break!

  4. Well done, Laurie, and everyone else too!

  5. This is so wonderful!! I can't wait to hear about how the HS uses the money. It was so exciting to read about The Butterbean Quarantine last year.

  6. Laurie, you did an amazing job... all of the pics and posts and the creativity of the "Butterbean Daily Challenge" and the dedicated days were just incredible. All of you have earned a well-deserved rest. The Bean must be wiped out too!

  7. Oh, I wanted to win a naming rights!!! I was ready to email Laurie and request a little girl because had the perfect name picked out -- OPAL. Feel free to take my idea, Lorelle or Marcia!

    I'm in awe of you, Laurie (and Craig and Bean). You are wonderful.

  8. Patti, great minds think alike. I'd planned either to forego my rights to Opal herself or name the kitten Opal Nicole (for nickel) or Opie Nicholas. I'm guessing once the winners see their respective kittens a wonderful and perfectly obvious "how could it be any other name than" will happen. There's a certain naming magic to this place.

  9. I'm so jealous of anyone getting to name one of the kitties! But yay everyone for such an amazing job of helping out the Humane Society.

  10. Congrats Lorelle, Marsha, and all the doggies who found forever homes at the Dog-A-Thon.

    And three cheers for Laurie, kitten-wrangler and animals-in-need fundraiser extraordinaire!

    Hip hip HOORAY!
    Hip hip HOORAY!
    Hip hip HOORAY!

  11. Quick question. I wasn't able to donate on the designated Drewey day, but did request when I was able to donate later that the $ go to the Drewey/Seniors Kitty fund. Will that happen, or will it just go into the general pool?


  12. I was so astonished when I checked the blog today, scrolled down and saw my name in bold on the page! Nearly fell off my chair! So I quickly emailed Laurie but forgot to post to the blog!

    I can't believe that I won the raffle and have the honor (and burden and challenge and pressure) of naming a kitty! Wow! Like many others, I suspect, I had made a few donations over the course of the fundraiser and had completely forgotten the raffle -- particularly in the excitement of the final day countdown to goal! And yes, didn't we all make last minute donations and keep refreshing that page until we could see the magic number!

    Well, I will give due consideration to any name suggestions you want to submit -- and my friends and family are making suggestions as well -- I'll factor all into my "deliberations." However, as we all know, we all have to see the wee little kitty -- then it's easier to find the name that will "fit."

    In the end, however, more important than the name is finding that kitty a forever home -- all of which is made possible through people like Laurie and her Tacoma community and to the people that have followed this blog and cared and donated! I love this community!

  13. Perfect response, Marcia. The wee one's last name is always a factor combined with the fabulous individual look and face of "your" kitten. Have at it. Whatever name you choose, whether it is a boy named Sue, a girl named Potato, it somehow will be just right to carry this little one to his/her forever home and perhaps throughout life. For us here and for you this little one will always bear the name you chose. Congratulations!

  14. Anon,, I went through the comments and tried to find all those special requests and add them in. I can't promise I found them all,, but I tried hard to.

  15. So many blessings for kitties of all ages!

    Humans can do so much good with the help of lovely little kitty paws



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