Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Brief Encounter


OOOPs. Sorry Drewey.

We usually sweep the main floor for kittens before the queen walks through. I thought they were all tucked away, but Mr Dominick was lurking in the shadows, and pounced out to greet the Drewster.

No swatting, but lots of huffin' and puffin'. Maybe it would of gone a little better if Dominick would of thought to bow first before introducing himself to the queen.

Where were your manners, boy?

Here are a couple more brief encounters Drewey had with the kittens:
Click here and here.


  1. Aww, Dominic, not all old gals are crabby (well, not all the time)....just ask me.

  2. So wait, if she was 15 in 2007...that makes her truly The Queen! Wow. She has a right to be a bit cranky. :)

  3. She's not CRANKY!
    She's just got a star temperament.

    It would have been interesting to watch the floofing and posturing during the encounter.

  4. He's either a gihugic itty bitty, or she's a tiny old lady...cause he looks like a MOOSE! :)

  5. Thanks Drewey for these photo ops! You KNOW you have your own fan club too!!!

  6. I'll second Patti, I love seeing her Majesty! And well her subjects should bow!

  7. Clara,, she is petite. And Dominic is getting big,, but I think the perspective makes him look bigger and her smaller than they actually are.

  8. We'ce gone through this and I tend to think of it as a beginning dance of " Hello..."

    Our T.J. ( Maine Coon) was 21 when she passed 3 years ago and her stance was about the same.

    " Who are these Brats and why are they here ?.....

    Until I caught her sleeping with Loki, Xena and Boshi ( the baby triplets) we adopted on the water bed.

    Progress seems to take it's own time.

  9. aww Drewey can't even bare to look at the kitty!

  10. sheesh, the young one just dont know how to act around the queen

  11. I think Drewey is looking for (or at) somebody to blame: "You there, what do you think that brat is doing here, you're supposed to teach the servants some manners!"


  12. Does Drewey get along with the Bean? My kitty is 8 this year, but she has always been a cranky old lady - much like her owner. She has the definite attitude that "This is MY house and what are YOU doing here?"

  13. Aw - I <3 Drewey! IBks must learn their manners around the queen!

  14. Her Majesty, Drewey. What you have to put up with! Ah well, little Dom didn't mean any harm, I'm sure.

  15. LOL! Love that post. Bowing in front of the queen is always a good idea ;)




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