Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And Who Are You?


I rarely blog about The Drewster, our little old lady cat, because she RARELY interacts with the IBKC. She's always upstairs hanging out. The kitties are always on the main floor. When Drewey comes down for a snack, the kitties get tucked away. If they do spot each other, the kitties get wide-eyed and freeze up. Drewey skirts around the room, and heads back upstairs. She has no desire to mingle with the babies. That's fine, she's 15, she can do whatever she wants.

But yesterday, she got within arms reach of the babes. She actually climbed up on the arm of the couch when the babies were sitting on the back of the couch. It was no accident, she could see they were there. Of course I have fantasies of Drewey falling madly in love with the kitties. They would romp together,, wrestle,, she would bathe them and they would all sleep in a puddle together. Really though, Drewey is a bit of a crank, I seriously doubt it would ever happen. I think her curiosity just got the best of her today. Perhaps she wanted to get a closer look at Lottie,, who looks like a toddler version of The Drewster. See for yourself.... Drewey on top,,, Lottie below.

drewster's puddle of paws



  1. Oh my lord! Break my heart a time or two, will you? I had an old crank lady named Webster who had packed up her stuff and moved to the basement because of my ex's cat. After my ex and his kitty moved out (Yea!), Webster came out of the basement and lived the last three of her 17 years ensconced on the chaise in the living room and enjoying daily visits with my then ibks who are great big kitties now. We miss cranky old Webster.

  2. At that time I had two cats, the boss was Choupette, a neutered female that had never had kittens.
    One day, a kitten was thrown into our garden. Must have been about 3 months old. Nice little girl, so I kept her. Problem: she missed her mother so much, at the end of the day, she would cry and look for her. It was heartbreaking. She would only calm if she could suck. Usually our fingers, but we did not always have the time. One night, we found Choupette on her back, offering her teats to Osiris, who sucked to her content and felt asleep. To our surprise, this repeated day after day for about 6 weeks, until Choupette weaned Osiris, and never let her again near her. Osiris is now 9 years old. She has stopped sucking to go to sleep, but she still misses her mother, believe it or not. Whenever that happens, she comes and cries until she's got hugs. And Choupette still won't let her near her.

  3. I swear, you have trained all of these kitties, babies and big kitties to model...the best pictures. My 12 year old Minnie is quite the little snot, but since the passing of my girl Pearl, she's become much more brave, actually walking into my room and (gasp!) actually jumping on the bed for a little attention, until the younger boy, Oliver, jumps up, causing Minnie to run like the wind way from him...he's such a party crasher! All the best to the babies!

    Purry Hugs, Robin



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