Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Round of Goodbye Kisses


Lucinda has left too. But before she did, she said goodbye to all of her Darling sisters.

And then off she went with a very handsome boy kitty.

Who got his share of lovin' before he left too.


Sort of.


  1. Such bitter-sweet times for you. I have fostered several litters for our shelter and I'm happy for the babies to have furever homes but I miss the little bundles of fun!

  2. OMG. How to break a girl's heart. I pretend to myself that all the IBKC alums remember their siblings and the wonderful times they had at Casa Butterbean. That way, saying goodbye to each batch isn't quite so hard.

  3. Lucinda AND Hubie? How wonderful!
    What a lucky mom!
    These pictures are priceless, Laurie!
    I am offically going into Darling withdrawal...this was a very special litter.

  4. Gracious me. I've been out of the country since the 1st and I've missed out on so much!

    But! I am coming back to see these lovely pictures and then the great news that all of the Darlings have a forever home! Hurray!

    And don't think I missed the Butterbean bath pictures. THAT was amazing!

  5. Just got home from a long weekend to see that the Darlings are movin' out! Waaaaaaah! But, so glad they have forever homes!

    Lucinda is a purrfect match for her brother! They will be so happy together!

  6. Oh that is so sweet!

  7. Oh, what sweet pictures...

    Gah, it's so sad they're leaving and we won't get to watch them grow up as closely as we have so far, but it's also so GREAT they're going to what I'm sure are wonderful homes.

  8. omg these pics! these darlings! <3

  9. These goodbyes must be so tough for you, they are hard on us and we only know them from their pictures. I admire you for everything you do. I wish you the best of luck in everything. You are truly inspirational.

  10. You've done such a marvelous job of tying all of our hearts to those of these precious little kitties (as Brenda types through tears!). True, I'm a mush heart, particularly where kitties are involved, but it's amazing how so many people have come to love these little girls and a guy without ever seeing them. Keep up the good work! We'll keep on supporting you! xo

  11. Good luck IBKs! Don't worry, we'll fill up the donation bar in time for the walk-a-thon. Your new pawents are lucky to have you! Be good to them.

    And send pictures!

  12. The fund raising will be in the capable paws of the 'Bean and the rest of the Darling's fans.

  13. Wow, this'll teach me to check in more often now that I seem to be able to again (whee!) I blink and all five Darling kittens are headed to forever homes. Sniff and yay! *kisses Lucinda, Hubie and of course the other three, just because how can you not?* Much love and many good wishes from over here in dairyland. :)



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