Sunday, July 12, 2009



When you have an odd number of kittens in a litter, chances are, someone has to leave without a sibling by their side. Rhoda was the singleton in the Darling litter.

Please don't worry about Rhoda. Really, she'll be fine. She's a strong little girl. Out of all the Darlings, she's the one I would of picked to fly solo.

She may have left by herself, but she won't be alone. She's got a new big brother named Nemo to keep her company and a REALLY wonderful family to spoil her rotten.

Bye-bye sweet, spunky little red-headed friend. We'll be missing you.


  1. Sweet Rhoda has a little bit of our sly and beautiful red head, Blixa Girl, in her. My sympathies to her new family. :)

    Great news from the Cattery ~ big kitty siblings Charley & Madison (5 year old bro & sis whose owner passed away), siamese sisters Bella & CJ (two divas in one home!), and MaryLou & Gable (sweet one year old tabby and five year old marmie) found their new forever homes on Saturday! Six big kitties, three marvelous homes! YAY!!!

  2. YESSS! I guessed'em all right! :-D

    *dances around a bit*
    *yay for strong little Rhoda and her gorgeous dark eyes*
    *yay for Darlings and their new homes*
    *yay for big kitties adopted from the shelter*

    - Nadine

  3. I, too, am glad it is Rho flying Solo. I didn't think Francine or Selma were ready. But Rhoda (or for that matter Lucinda) proved over and over that she was smart, sweet and independent kitty. Of course, having a new big brother to break in will keep her well occupied as well. Good luck Miss Rhoda Darling. Our hearts follow you (and your siblings).

  4. Goodbye Gorgeous Little Rhoda... Am sure you will rule!!!Have fun with your big brother and your new family..keep us update..

  5. Yay for Rhoda! She'll have her big brother eating out of her paw in no time, I'm sure!

    And, double Yay! for big kitties finding their loving furever homes! Woot!

  6. Oh boy will I miss Rhoda!

  7. :(

    i hope nemo treats her as well as hubie did.

    and this means...the two puffballs are going together!!! how cute!

  8. sniff...

    Although I am also glad the two puffballs are going together. It would have been a shame to break up the set!

  9. Oh...*sniffle* I can't believe these precious Darlings are leaving already. I will be watching and rooting for the next group of kittens/phonebank volunteers. Charlene may have to help take pledge calls, until the new babies have mastered the litterbox AND phones.

    Thank you for sharing these precious ones with us, Laurie. I gave what little I could to the cause last week; I wish it could be more. Also, I have added you to my blogroll - I hope that's OK.

  10. Goodbye, sweet pea!

    While you will be greatly missed by your internet fans, you will have a happy life filled with tussling with your new big brother and getting spoilt beyond redemption by your new family!

    Cause how could you not be?!?

  11. dearie me... how these Darlings have grown up! Best wishes & prayers for them all in their new homes!

  12. Rhoda, it was a joy watching you grow!

    She clearly is going to a wonderful home, and I'm glad to hear that she'll have another kitty there.

    Now this means that Francine and Selma's new owners are going to have to invest in some brushes, all that floof!

  13. Traveling mercies, sweet Rhoda. You're taking quite a large number of hearts with you, Darling girl.

  14. Oh dsrling Rhoda Darling, I didn't realise you had freckles on you nose, could you be any more delicious?

  15. Awww... Rhoda was my favorite! If we didn't already have 2 cats, I would have adopted her myself. What a cutie pie!

  16. Rhoda is my fave too from this litter. Hubie is a close second, but that stubby marmalade muzzlepowshe melts my soul.

  17. Oh she has big brother who will watch over her...



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