Monday, July 6, 2009

Purrrrrrrrrsuading You to Spread the Word

Good morning, everyone. Would you take a look at that little counter over there on the right hand side of the page. We've made some SERIOUS progress in the past week!! At the rate we're going,, I would be surprised we hit 15K before the week is out!!!!

Just in case you missed the big announcement, because we've raised over 10K, the Itty Bitty Kitty Community will be sponsoring one of the new quarantine rooms they are building for the cats at the Humane Society. You can learn more about that by reading this post.

So where do the rest of our donations go? They go straight to the cats. Just to help put things into perspective for you,, this is what your donation can do:

$20 will feed a shelter cat for a week
$35 will vaccinate ten kittens
$50 will provide a life-saving dental cleaning for an elderly cat
$100 will spay a female cat or neuter two male cats

Another way you can REALLY help is just by spreading the word . Tweets on Twitter, postings on Facebook, mentions on blogs and emails to friends about the IBKC and our fundraiser can really help drive new people our way. It helps tremendously, and it's a really easy way to "contribute".

I've made this campaign image download-able if you would care to use it when spreading the word. If you do mention us on your blog, please let me know. I'll be putting a link to those blogs on the sidebar below our list of contributors.

Thanks to those who are spreading the word already! I can see in our stats! Because of you, lots of new folks have made their way over here, and made donations!!

Thank you everyone! You've been so incredibly supportive and we appreciate you all so much!

I've got some more pics to share with you a little bit later. Today the kitties discovered our indoor soccer arena (AKA the bathtub). Good times!


  1. Hubie the Cutie's hypnotic gaze demands I donate the contents of my checking account. Fiancee's death threats demand I be more sensible. Oh, the quandry.

    What to do? What to do?

  2. i get paid on friday, as do a lot of washington state employees - just saying. :)

  3. Thanks again, Laurie, for spreading the word. And thanks to the IBKCommunity for caring about kitties big and small. We are ALL making a difference for them.

  4. Put a link on my blog for you.

    I don't have the readership that you have, but hope this helps out a bit :)

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  6. Thank you for posting the download. I will post on my FB account immediately, and put it on my iPod, so I can show it off, too!


    p.s. Laurie: above post deleted because I had to check the site again... but "homeless" is mis-spelled in the sidebar, directly above the adorable pic with the Fundraiser Donation Board and the babies tending shop. FYI :-)

  7. Mea Culpa! It's spelt right!

    Please continue as you were.


  8. Well I have placed a link in my sidebar (at that adorable picture - it is right at the top so everyone sees it! I am also planning to donate again - I was waiting for it to show up in my Paypal account and it finally got there!

    And now reading the comments I am paranoid I misspelled something so I am going to check it. But the link shoudl still work either way.

  9. I blogged about it... who could resist these kittehs?

  10. My kitties Cody and Cowboy made a donation, and we've written about you on our blog!
    We hope your raise even MORE than 15 squillllllion!

  11. Hi Laurie, been posting lots to Facebook and gave you a good blog post today over at Hope it helps!

  12. I can add something to my blog and etsy forums for the kitteh's. I am also going to donate my paypal balance which is almost $7.00 Wish it were more...but i am unemployed at the moment. I will do my best to spread the word and help kittehs.

  13. Rhoda, Rhoda, oh that little cute Rhoda.

  14. i don't have much of a readership either - but many of them believe in the things i do - peace and social justice - so you may get a donation or 2. i posted here:

    to my blog rivervision @

    thanks for what you do.

  15. I posted it on my Facebook page, at any rate; I linked to your fundraising page from there.

  16. Okay, so I'm a softie. I donated again (sorry it so little). But I also put it out on my FB with the telephone picture, some bits about what parts costs and a link back to here. If you need to see it to verify it, it is Carol Waller or /

    Thanks again.


  17. 12 SQUILLION!!!!!!!!! The IBKC community is fabulous.

    Think of all the good things that will help kitties for years to come...then think about giving a little bit more :)

    The Darlings know we can reach that $15,000 goal!

  18. Hi! I posted a link to your site on my July 3rd blog post, the blog is
    Thanks for raising all this money for the kitties!

  19. Wow, does it really cost $20 per week to feed a shelter cat? What are they feeding them, sirloin? Even my two spoiled rotten brats don't get $20 worth of food in a week.

  20. anon,, it's not just the cost of food, you have to pay a staff to feed the cats and kittens too.

  21. Albert and Elvis put a link up as well. Hope we can help!

  22. I tweeted you:

  23. Laurie, thanks for clarifying the 'cost' of feeding the kitties!! I was beginning to wonder if I was short-shrifting my girls. :) I should have thought about that part.

  24. Hey there....I keep passing the IBKC URL around to the 50 or so co-workers @ the help desk i work @ andwho are always in chronic need of stress relief.

    Charlene's charges are always a positive influence on their mood.

  25. I have told people on my blog to come on over!



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