Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Number One Son Has a Name!


Eleanor was the lucky bidder who won the rights to name this oh-so-handsome lynx point lad. Thank you so much Eleanor, for your generous bid!!

Are you ready folks??? Introducing.... Mr.Dominick Fortunato !!!!!!!!

And yes, it suits him perfectly. Everyone is doing such an amazing job at picking the perfect names for our Fortunatos. How fortunate!

Here's a picture of Dominick and his yet-to-be-named brother, so you can do a little side-by-side comparisson. Domick (on the right) is a little bigger than his brother, but the pictue makes the difference a little more extreme.


Little brother's auction is stil going, so if you would still like a chance at naming a kitten, click here and place your bid.

This is fun!!! I love naming the kittens, but it's really fun not having to name them too!


  1. Oh, such serious faces!

    They are both grey clouds of smoke, medium-floofy, and with sober blue eyes. They're looking off into the distance, as if contemplating big questions like how to get past Charlene Butterbean without getting bathed (hint: You can't), whether they can climb the curtains without being noticed (probably not), or whether this is really a bachelor auction (you never know).

  2. Its a good name!

  3. It is a pleasure to finally "meet" you, Mr. Dominick. You don't know it, but you have legions of fans from all over the world!

    Try not to let it get to your cute fuzzy little head, okay?

    Well, it can, just a little. It's your privilege as a cat!

    With a huge welcome and lots of virtual skritches,


  4. I wish I had the money to bid, just so I could grant the name Amontillado.

    Dom IS a cutey, though...

  5. Oooh Dominick....

    Be still my heart....such a Fortunado kitty! I have to wonder what world-shaking thoughts are you considering in all your kitteny glory?

    'Tis trus, avoiding the Bean's ablutions is futile.

  6. is it just me, or do all the fortunatos look slightly unhappy, or bored in their portraits? like spoiled, snobby children of a wealthy, powerful family. and don't cross these kitties, because they'll outsmart and outwit you!

    (i'm sure they'll all sweet as can be, it's just the faces and the name "fortunato" that conjure up the image of old world family wealth.)

  7. I'm so impressed by the generosity of the bidders and excellent naming skills of the winners.

  8. I'm super impressed with everyone's naming skills! ADORABLE names!

  9. Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom... Dom, bee-doo-bee ...(oh, dear, I feel a song coming on!)

    Mr. Dominick Fortunato - you are one handsome boy!

    What good namers there are out there who love all these IBKs!

  10. Hello sweet Dominick :)

    another perfect name.... good job namers!!

  11. Yay, Eleanor! Congratulations!! Dominick is a terrific name!


    PS- Angie, you crack me up!!! ;-)

  12. Little Dominick -- a perfect name for a purrfect fellow!

  13. how do you not want to keep every single adorable little soul that passes through your home?! I am in love with Dominick (and your Bean), he has the most 'open' and enquiring little face. *sigh*

  14. Great name and what a handsome boy!
    I wish I was in the area, I love lynx point kitties.

  15. Dominick - hello handsome! Oh but you look so much like your brother - I don't think I could tell you apart. I am very impressed with your mom on that one - I will probably never figure it out!



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