Monday, July 13, 2009

Hugs All Around


Just LOOK how close we're getting to 15 squillion now!!! We are 92 percent of the way there!

Hugs to all of you for taking us there!! Thanks to your generosity, we are breaking Dog-A-Thon fundraising records.

I'm so proud of our little community. Look what you've done... 490 donations brought in $13,800 for the cats and kitties!!! HOOOOOOOORAAAAAAY!!!


  1. Wowie Zowie! This supports my belief that the IBKC is way more than a blog. It is a blog, a stupendous blog, but it's also a community of loving souls, committed to bettering the world one kitty at a time.

    Hooray for the IBKC!

  2. Wow that is crazy - I looked at the main page and boy oh boy are you in the lead! And thanks for posting the 490 - I was trying to find the number of people and couldn't figure it out. I am so excited that it is almost to the goal!

  3. 94% now already - way to go! :-)

    Puzzling how Hubie and Selma can look so unlike each other and yet be brother and sister ... Hubie's so sleek and Selma's so fluffy ... but obviously they love each other anyway :-)

    - Nadine

  4. Wow - Over $14,000 already! Just a little bit more - we can do it even though the best kitten fundraisers ever have already headed for their forever homes!

  5. That is incredible!!

    licks and sniffs, Sasha


    There is going to a party at Itty Bitty Central I'll bet as well as all the Darling's new forever homes when the goal is reached!!!

    I hope Hubie left his forwarding phone numbers for all his girlfriends to call !!

    What an awesome sight to see that tally number climb and climb and CLIMB. :)

  7. I am so jealous of the person who gets Selma... And so excited about the fundraising efforts! Yay for the kitties!



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