Monday, July 13, 2009

A Beautiful Gift

This weekend, I got an email from a very talented Seattle artist, Mimi Torchia Boothby . Mimi creates beautiful watercolor paintings, and wanted to donate one of her cat paintings to help with our fundraising efforts.

I accepted her generous offer, and now it's available to you on Ebay.

This original, artist signed watercolor painting "I Gatti Randagi – Alley Cats" measures 10 inches wide and 13 inches high.

The cats pictured in the painting are from a colony of feral cats living in a courtyard in a small Italian town. These are faces of cautious cats who live a very hard life. Somehow, Mimi manages to capture a glint of curious kitten in their expressions too.

All of the money raised in this auction will go directly to the IBKC fundraiser for The Humane Society.

I think it's amazing that these cats who live on the streets, barely cared for, will be making a difference. These cats touched Mimi and she made a painting of them. The money from the sale of this painting will help fund lifesaving programs for cats and kittens. To me this illustrates that every SINGLE cat matters, and every cat has a purpose.

Thanks so much for the lovely gift, Mimi.

To find out more about the painting or to place a bid, click here. The auction ends Monday, July 20th. Goodluck bidders!!

To see more of Mimi's art please visit her blog.


  1. Glad to get the bidding started! I did a semester abroad in Rome many years ago and remember seeing lots of little cats in the ruins.

  2. That's such a beautiful and tender painting.

  3. This is an awesome gesture! Thanks to Laurie & Mimi for your generosity!

  4. I agree. What a great thing!

    And you are at 93.8% and counting, Laurie!


  5. What a wonderful painting, and as a professional watercolor artist, I can say it's worth at least 3 times the starting price.

    I hope it bring in that much for the kitties!

  6. There are still good hearted people in this world. Sometimes I just like to see it! What a wonderful, beautiful gift. Let's get it sold, big money!

  7. Yes Glori G,, there are LOTS of good hearted people. And most of them are a part of this amazing little community that follows these kitties.

    : )

  8. Gorgeous, as everything that comes from IBKC....and when it is in a good cause as well.....well, 'slap your grandma, that is good' (no offense to grandmothers, or step-cat-mothers...just an old southern saying that express the WOW beyond wow!)



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