Saturday, June 27, 2009

Twice is Nice


I've noticed a handful of you making second (and third, even!) pledges. I just wanted to give an extra thank you to those folks.

Thank you. Thank you.

Honestly people, I know I keep saying it, but your support just means so much to me. When I look at that the tally,, and read all the comments,,it just gets me all weepy-eyed.

You're amazing. Thanks for being here. And thanks for caring SO much.

xo xo xo


  1. We need to thank you so much as well, Laurie & Miss Butterbean.

    Without you all these kittens would not have had the opportunity to bring so much joy and laughter to so many peoples lives.

    You inspire a spirit of gining and provided us this incredible virtual community!

    Many thanks..
    KBJ, Toes and Marbles

  2. KatBoxJanitor said it perfectly. And, Laurie, this picture is one for the card sets. It's wonderful, like ice cream.

  3. Ditto what Laurie said.
    I spoke to a couple of wonderful shelter cats this week and shared this overwhelming news with them. They are forever grateful. :)
    On behalf of shelter animals everywhere, thank you for your kinds hearts.

  4. Yes indeed! The work of the IBKC is what has inspired this flurry of donations.

    What a wonderful shot this is. Those trusting faces peering up at their Mama Laurie. It's heartening to know more critters will be able to have improved quality of life due to the fabulous fundraising efforts of the Darling family.

  5. Your kindness and gentleness and love are evident in all you do for the kittens and cats who need homes.

  6. Agreed, Lynda & KBJ! Laurie, Sue, Shana (and I'm sure more IBKCers that we don't know) are there in the trenches, gettin' 'er done! With a little help from the Darlings o'course!

  7. Totally agree with all the comments..You Laurie, Miss Charelene and all those cute lovely babies bring smile and happiness to me and all every single day/time..and you do fantastic work..Thanks soo muchh -- Jeanne .. and Francine and Rhoda are so cuuutte on the pic..

  8. Anne Boleyn, I am so sorry to see that you have lost your father. I hope you can take comfort in your kitties today.

    I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you here, but it was the best way I could think of to find you.

  9. i'm giving a bit with each paycheck - i have a goal to give, and i'm just giving it in chunks. Onward to 8 squillion!



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