Friday, June 26, 2009

A Message from Hubie


Hi Everyone,, Hubie here. It's Friday, which means we get our weekly allowance. We earn it by helping out around the house. We pick up our toys, we chase out the dust bunnies from beneath the furniture and sometimes we even help fold laundry.

Normally I blow my entire allowance on toys and treats, but this week I'm going to put it to better use. I've decided to donate it to the IBKC Fundraiser for our Humane Society.

I really don't need any new toys. We haven't chewed off the tails of our furry mice yet. If mom pulls out the refrigerator, I bet we would find at least a dozen mylar balls under there.

And I really don't need any treats. Have you seen my belly lately? It's so round. All the dots on my belly have turned to dashes!

I know my donation is small, but every bit helps. And there are lots of kittens down at the shelter right now that need our help.

I think humans get paid on Fridays too. Maybe you could donate a little to the Humane Society instead of spending it all on toys and treats this weekend? Just a thought.

Lots of love,,

IBK Hubie


  1. Let's follow Hubie's lead and send some of our allowances, too!

    Happy weekend kitties!

  2. ooh, how can anyone resist that face? No wonder so many people call the hotline just to talk to you, Hubie.

  3. Who could resist your little face and story? Good luck in meeting your goal. Soon you'll have your furever home and be one of the lucky kittens with a lucky family.

  4. Oh, honey, you are so sweet to think of others in need. Our momma donates regularly to our local shelter wif litter an' food an' toys an' treats for the kittiez an' da doggies!

  5. Hubie dear - You are so sweet!

    We do the same thing since we are mature kitty girls, we do not need anything more than love and our fluff and mylar toys, aside from the occasional bottle cap and catnip!

    We asked mom to donate this months treat budget -
    Signed, Toes and Marbles

  6. Srs kitten is SRSFASE.

  7. Hubie, honey, don't you worry. I donated a little something this morning...couldn't resist your serious little face!

  8. Seriously, Laurie, you could be a professional fundraiser! You've got the social media skills and the knack for telling a story and conveying messages in a way that makes donors want to read more.

    Plus you know just who to hire as spokeskittens.

  9. Awww, Hubie!

    I used to use a broomstick to knock all of my kitties' toys out from under the couch every weekend. It was like Christmas for them -- toys flying out from under the couch! With hardwood floors, they disappear fast, don't they?

  10. Hubie, you are one in a squillion.

  11. Oh, dear. This is the cutest post!

    Ziggy gets paid on Tuesday this month...perhaps he can help out a bit. :)



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