Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Giving Away The Bean!

charlene in the rhodey

Not LITERALLY! Good golly, I could never part with my beloved Butterbean...

I'm doing a little kitty card special to help raise funds to print another round of cards (LaBaths and/or Livermores).

The next 15 folks who order a set of Ashby and Lovejoy cards, will receive a free pack of Charlene Butterbean cards.

Buy Two, Get the Bean For Free! Click HERE to take advantage of this offer!


  1. I wish I could have the real Butterbean, but I will settle for her likeness on a card.

    (fumbles for wallet, goes to etsy)

  2. I got a small package from Ms. Butterbean Saturday. It's really for my mother, so i won't open it...but maybe i will!

    My first thought when i pulled it from the box was..."Who do i know who's name is Charlene in Washington?" Oh, i know!

  3. Man, I really thought this was my big chance to have the incomparable Butterbean.
    Now I'm depressed...

    Should you ever get tired of her (not very likely, I know) please feel free to ship her to Denmark where I'll be waiting.

  4. My heart just about dropped to the floor at the headline!

    Oh, Miss Butterbean.
    This is such a beautiful springy photograph of you.

    If you ever feel like visiting me...just ask. I am sure I am just up the road from you!

  5. Whew! I was scared I wouldn't remember my Paypal password here at work, but luckily I did.

    Bring on the Livermore and LaBath cards!

  6. Oh Miss Butterbean you put those flowers to shame with your beauty! You are such a cutie!

  7. LaBath ladies! Yeah. Enid and Hester would love to see their Sisters again. I also think my Mom should have some too since she has declared to all her friend she had "cat-gran-babies"

  8. You scared me for a second with that title!

    Butterbean, you're looking gorgeous as always!

  9. Shall I compare Charlene to a summer's day?

  10. you got me ridiculously excited for a moment there.

  11. I got my package from Ms. Butterbean yesterday. I almost missed the boyfriend's birthday card from his parents hiding underneath because I was so excited.
    Part of my doctor's therapy program has been to work on different art projects to help keep my mind stimulated, so I've been slowly decorating frames and making collages from the IBKC cards that are going to eventually end up on my wall.
    So thank you to both you and Charlene for helping me get through my problems and I'm hoping you'll maybe go back in time and come up with a pack of the Mayfield 6. My boyfriend/roommate adored Porter and I still find myself looking at pictures of poor little Bernadette



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